K's Suggestions

So I thought I would make ONE post myself, and just edit it when I think of things :slight_smile:


  1. Started the game up today, noticed when moving over menus/inventories on craftng stations there’s a large amount of lag, seems it needs time to load the assetts. Most games, this does not happen unless there’s an optimization issue. Which, with icons, SHOULD not be an issue.
  2. While sitting and the animation is playing the loop on it is insanely jerk T_T


  1. Sleeping in a bed - It’s creepy as heck seeing your character just laying there. I get being paranoid, but sleep, and if it’s a bed and full shelter and your not hungry, give decent regeneration. Also, can we get random character positions for sleeping?
  2. Some of the hit-boxes on mobs are weird, seriously, my favorite example, why am I standing on an alligator O_o.
  3. Weather based wet effect based off from lack of “Shelter”, anything less tan 25% u get wet effect.
  4. Ice shelf, cools “shelter” tempature when in hot indoor area, or great ice shard that slowly depletes and needs to have more ice added to it to work.


  1. Single/Co-op/multiplayer - Single player should be flat out COMPLETELY seperate from co-op or multi, at least provide an option to do so with a seperate mob health table. I know there are mods, for that, but still.
  2. Item placement, some items should just not collide or even whine about collision.
  3. Some crafting tables, their collision box, really should match the model/what items are shown rather than a full square.
  4. If you let your character craft rather than walking away, it should give a minor buff to speed of crafting, along with animation :3
  5. Can we get a companion system, separate from pets/thralls with random affection emotes :stuck_out_tongue:
  6. Equipment should have an upgrade bench where you can replace/remove current upgrades or buffs to them, and possibly increase the number of items possible to attach to equipment. Along with this, additional options maybe O_o?
  7. Handcrafted inventory split into 3 tabs, structure/deco/tools+weapons, would make for a faster experience in crafting and less having to run through things. I know we have a search feature, however, it would be less cumberson being able to go through said tabs than search from a design perspective.
  8. Tab to swap hotbars between build and combat please?
  9. Cancel key for emotes you can get “stuck” in. Really needed. I know some are great for RP sake.
  10. Scroll wheel to transfer resources rather than having to split things up. I’m losing track of what I put here lol.
  11. Option to Move tooltip elsewhere on screen.
  12. Beds with better respawn scan, example, not respawning you into a wall.


  1. We need a recycling bench, seriously, survival game, we need some green activism going on. I don’t see a barbaric world like Conan not re-using stuff that has been deemed un-necessary, I mean, if you needed to make some bricks wouldn’t you start yelling and smashing that sandstone structure piece to make some bricks when you can?
  2. Would love to see structure pieces moved to a subtab located on the left of the “HandCrafted” crafting menu when pressing " I ". Maybe even split them up between tiers.
  3. When searching in crafting menu, should be auto setting currently visible to top of menu.
  4. Inventory should have option for scroll wheeling up and down for resource allocation between PC and CONTainter.
  5. Scroll wheel option for hotbar in menus. Camera still usable with modifier.
  6. More uses for resources that we rarely use O_O


  1. Usable Notes/Scrolls - Make craft-able notes/scrolls that can create conditions and locations for thralls to do things.
    -an example would be the ability to take a thrall, and have them go to an altar to do an action or even an emote, or even bring crafting materials if the priest thralls starts yelling for them.
  2. Blank Thralls - can be crafted with NO profession. Can be made to randomly walk to a tether-able location and will stop to talk to other thralls or sleep in a building if a bed is available.
  3. Thrall Teachers - separate large structure that can teach thralls up-to 1 level lower than teacher.
  4. Bearer Thrall - Use: Now can bring resources to workbenches for other thralls. Receiving workbench bench MUST have a thrall in position for them to “shout” order to bearer thrall. Bearer thrall now has an additional two menu items “Link Inv” and “Link Bench”.


  1. Noticed that grass and foliage do note get covered when placing really low to the ground with foundation, I get we can fix this by placing them higher. However then we have to do other things to accommodate it. Whiner
  2. complaint The construction system, imo, should not require a new support no more than after 3 pieces high or 4 to either side, and if that has been met and a support such as a wall is nearby, no reason a corner piece, etc should not be possible to be placed. Have read else where making a pyramid is a pain in the ■■■■, WOW I used old world english for ones backside and it got censored! ROFL!!! If the pieces had few rules, that would be great, it’d make it easier for us to build with.
  3. I know it’s been mentioned, however, we NEED MORE religious pieces and icons, equipment


  1. Break apart religion pieces to be more… modular, altars have slots that you can put statues and decorations on, change residue to favor, and you have to “Worship” at the altar and maybe even, for example in the case of set, drag a thrall to the table and cut out their heart ON the altar.
  2. More favor based things than just items, maybe religion perks that are upheld with points that decay overtime, making people “Worshiping” and earning their patrons favor.
  3. 1-3 thralls additional thrall slots for more zealous worshipers and altar animations. Be just awesome seeing thralls acting out their deities wishes. Whether it me some lascivious dance for Derketo or another gods actions of might and submission.
  4. Crom, no avatar, instead UBER buffs player with extra armor and increased dmg for a short duration.
  5. More recipes pls, maybe even one time use “Miracle” items one can use themed from their diety.
  6. Specific animations for “Gathering” for each religion.


  1. Basic QOL thing should not require mods, open games like this leave devs open to other things, but some thing should just not HAVE to be modded/added onto to make them work. Personally my biggest thing is, construction. I’d love to have a testing period with FUNCOM on construction rules just to see if we can hammer it out.

I put extra space above here so I know where to add addition things as they come to mind. Please do note flame. Also, I wish I could have used tab for the list :stuck_out_tongue:

I have made a teacher concept. but the current model is not able to teach a thrall or allow level up system. Infact the current model is that you have to spawn a new thrall with the new level rather then change a variable. I know its a little weird. But i couldnt release it because there was too many crashes when i tried to delete and spawn new tier with same appearance.

Yeah would make for a more dynamic feeling system for “Thralls” don’t you think.