Still in Early acces? Feels like a unfinish game


I tested this game for a while, but all the bugs etc gives me a frustrating expirence. that i decide to wait for release on 8.4.2018.

Now on 8.4 i got the same product, with a bigger map, but this new content looks unfinished. All in the game looks like a placeholder. Not all the things we got are bad, but unpolished! Here some points why i think so.

Many things i make ingame have no animations! Animations we got are not the best! fighting is cool but so buggy!Hit direction, slideing, Banding, Npc Jumping around or stucking.

The UI:
Unsorted, unfinished and that UI looks like a big placeholder! Hard to play which a UI like this! Some of the craftables makes no sense. The new armor Pieces, why i can craft this armor with my hands? makes no sense! Why i can craft all the building parts with my hands ? Why we cant have a nice looking menu with some categories, sorted? why i cant become a seperate menü for Building stuff and a seperate Inventar ? Talking with Npc looks terrible! Some Items have uncorect Names (Notice312254596).There are no options to trade with someone. Why i can open corpses without loot ? There are so many points ingame i dont understand!

Combat feels unbalanced, PVP fighting with a 13 damage weapon with someone that have a 130 damage weapon. Fighting with a 130 damage weapon with a monster that have 50000Hp ends i a endless and sensless Fight! Difficulty in this game scales only with the Hp of enemys, why there cant make special attacks or something, why there cant dodge. Hit feedback feels like there is no feedback. Unpolished!

I Kill a Npc and the Npc standing around do nothing. i can chop a tree in near and the npc dont harm.Mybe Agrro dont work correct, mybe there see Horizontal, not vertikal?

Building stuff:
There are alot thing i can build, thats fine! I like it but why i can make stuff like pillows and some stuff that we need not! I mean we cant craft Streets, cobblestone ways for better life, we cant make primitive fields for plant something. i cant plant a growing tree. We got T2, T3 but i can make only one fence! I hoped with the release for more craftables, but nothing. Laterns, Fences, new Workbenches, which new stuff…

Buggy as hell! All the time never changed! Still deadly! Locking terrible!

The first hours i play it works fine, but after some hours this game lose all the survival aspects, ur Op and can overmanage every situation. Such brutal Nature cant harm u! I got food, can drink drity water, dont need to rest, climbing on a rock. Fine im done, i survive with only a bedroll and a campfire. Survive! Im Champ! Bring some creapy Birds, flying Monsters that attacks u from above! Make poision harder to cure, make my char sick. create a swarm flys that i cant kill with weapons that we known. Small spiders, snakes etc that shocks me if i play. Thats to easy!

Sorry im and my frainds not happy with a release like this. U try to blinding us ! Funcom u released a Consol version of an early accses game! I known many people that thinks the same! That ok, but than call this a alpha, beta or something.

This game needs alot time and hard work for release! Blame on me if i try to release a game like this. Pls polish this! Make it good! sry about that. And sorry for my bad english! -.- see this post like ur game, unfinished! :wink:


I think you are in the wrong forums, I see none of those issues here.

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don´t think so… open ur eyes! There are issues, alot of them. Every day i play i can see more of them. I try to make a update … there is so much to do.

Seriously, I’m not sure what game you’re playing but I’ve yet to experience most what you’re describing. Sounds like you’re just hating to hate and/or have a terrible computer or server connection that is causing massive issues with your gameplay.

I agree with every paragraph. This is a small part of the mistakes. This game is in beta, but not in the release.

No Problem with my computer or my Internet. Works well.

I saw most of them two weeks before official release. I still see most of them.
One that is particularly annoying is “Npc Jumping around or stucking”.

Fight enemies on an incline and they warp around like crazy. Their movement is very bizarre. Every single enemy on every incline in the game, both single and multiplayer. This also affects thralls.

u need more ? ok…

Purge system is broken, they are in south to easy and in North to hard. For an Admin is that hard to manage.

  • and there are Naked Barbarians that rush u, dont think that be normal.

Damage Income at 60:
t1 Monster dont harm u but a Rhino can kill u with one strike. Bosses are op for solo or small groups.
My Party members says the Normal Enemys arent challanging so i push the damage input from 1 to 1,5 now Elephants, rhinos, Bosses killing u on sight. if u play on 1 small enemys dont harm u no challange at most of content. t1-t3 thralls are to easy… difficult to say… but i seeing there no balance ingame. Why the whole map cant be challanging , players building there houses in all regions. Going there for resources, playing there.

Slaving thralls:
They falling trough grounds, falling from heaven, stucking in structures.

Losing stuff at try to placing something. Placeing something in front ur feets can destroy ur stuff. U dont get back the materials. Placeing foundations, walls is frustrating. In some situations u need first desroy something to place it and than u can place the other stuff on the same place. I dont mean the static system.

Crafting stations stop working. There is more material for more productions but they stop. Stations, trying to make something and nothing, closing menu, open it again, trying again and it works… sometimes in need some trys more.

They is no security from Afk players, they are standing for hours ingame and blocking my server! u cant protect u … they blocking and do nothing … other players wondering why they cant play or join ur server.

Solo play:
60 levels are to low. U cant defeat the bosses, u cant learn all the stuff. solo play is impossible.

Max clan size 30! if u on a server where one clan have 30 active member ur are on of these 10 without chance.

Official are all the time Full, private servers have admins with cheat engine to support his clan.

But ■■■■■■ sells 1.000.000 Copies. Gratulations! now make something good for us like we do something good for u! I still playing ur game but is a hard piece …

whats comes next? No news, no ideas … can we wait for something ? or making a new game …content coming 2019-2020? new dlc, need to pay ?

It’s a bit rough around the edges, I think they released early but I’ll guess there were other non-dev/design pressures applied there. I hope they keep on with it though, with a bit of spit and polish this game would really shine.

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