Balance Changes needed badly

First off, the game is really good, but there are issues that keep it from being both fun and great. As a person who has played XCOM many times over on the hardest difficulties with and without Ironman setting being on and as a YouTuber with over 100 let’s play videos on XCOM/XCOM2 when I heard about this game I had to try it. Though less than 2 hours in I’ve already compiled a large list of “wtfs?” and other things that seem overlooked or poorly done.

  1. Why can Zone Dogs fly/jump onto high places? Makes no sense. If you are worried about a “fish in a barrel” high ground tactic then give them a range based attack. But a dog should not be able to jump 20ft straight up and completely invalidate high ground advantages while also having a powerful melee and crazy movement.

  2. Mothwings is USELESS. 100% garbage skill. The spots it can place you are FAR TOO LIMITED, and it completely exposes the player character providing no cover or evasion, no X amount of shots against the PC to guarantee misses, no temporary immunity… nothing. NOT GOOD.

  3. Weapons are completely and arbitrarily not balanced at what seems to be random, as if there was a HUGE oversight in the development of the weapons. The Gaper and State Switcher seem to be the most glaring victims of nonsensical “balance” so let me ask you;
    3a) why is a CANNON that has 2 shots, weaker, less accurate, and has the same range as a 3shot shotgun? makes no sense AT ALL
    3b) why is a RAILGUN barely stronger (but not really) than a CROSSBOW, and so abnormally weak that it’s not EVER a good option over a “silent weapon”? again, this makes no sense at all

  4. The Shop prices are ABSURD for the amount of scrap that is actually found in the world. When stealth is sooooooo important, the Crossbow is obscenely overpriced when it becomes available.

  5. Medpacks and healing… I don’t even know where to begin here other than to say even XCOM on the hardest difficulty had medic/support skills to keep your guys healthy, as well as latent healing for “off duty” troops that were not in the party. This game is far too brutal in the healing department and is extremely ****ing annoying about it, especially how rare and expensive Medpacks are.

  6. Overwatch is extremely weak in this game, with a max of 3 party members, there is NO REASON that Overwatch has an accuracy penalty like in XCOM where a max squad of 6 members all in Overwatch is actually a good tactic. It’s absolutely ridiculous and completely unnecessary.

  7. Corpse Eater skill… when the bodies disappear after combat and at the hardest difficulty the combat is 1-to-2 enemies being ambushed at a time… and combat ends as soon as they die… why?.. just… why? Something needs to change. Either make bodies stick around until you leave that “zone” or make it trigger the skill at the end of combat and “eat” the closest corpse.

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  1. Didn’t make sense to me on first glance either, but I guess they didn’t want people to kill the mother zone dog so easily.

  2. Mothwing is not useless, you get height accuracy bonus when you use it, so it allows you to guarantee crit shot/ knee shot/ emp shot, if you think 25% accuracy is bad coming from xcom2 background then idk what to say.

3a, This game encourages you to stealth ahead and get better weapons, you should be dumping gaper immediately and never touch state switcher.

3b, Silent weapons do not have “tiers”, the other assault rifle/shotgun/sniper rifle guns have tiers and upgrades, I’m guessing you haven’t found them yet.

4b, You don’t need to buy that crossbow, you already have 3 silent weapons, unless you decided to scrap one for no reason.

5, I expected more from someone with xcom2 background tbh, this game is so easy in comparison. In xcom2 you didn’t need specialists or medpacks, all you needed was rangers and 1 grenadier for alpha strike, here it’s the same, if you play it right, you shouldn’t take any damage at all, even if you do, you can consume corpses, but I’ll get to that.

  1. You sure Overwatch has an accuracy penalty? I used it to deal with enemies rezing but I’ve never seen it miss.

  2. Even after combat ends, you can enter grid mode by going near another untriggered enemy, and your characters can eat corpses in grid mode, I don’t remember corpses disappearing unless you leave the zone, it’s not a pretty mechanic but it’s not hard to figure out.

Edit: your user name makes me want to laugh.

You should really check out my Let’s Plays on XCOM before you throw insults. I’m sticking by everything I’ve said here. You should also check your reading comprehension skills, I said I’m two hours into my first playthrough, I’m also to Farrow on the way to rescue Hammond and I’ve only two silent weapons and haven’t scrapped anything.

My criticisms are my first impressions.
Subsequent playthroughs might allow better insight, but so far this game is extremely lacking in many areas and many of the design decisions really can’t be defended. Sorry.

And you should actually try the skills before going “balance changes are badly needed”, “mothwing is USELESS!” , lol, you are like the type of people that’s given tools to play a game, and instead of using the tools, you complain about game balance right away, you clearly didn’t explore the maps, otherwise you would’ve gotten another silent weapon. 2 Hours into the game and you are already crying about “balance” and giving suggestions on the forums, sounds legit.

I’ve beaten xcom2 legendary ironman with beta strike on, so when you said you have a xcom2 background and you said mothwing is bad it already triggered me, understand your skills first please.

“Triggered me”

You get easily triggered. All I need to know to disregard anything and everything you have to say. I’m not here to argue or measure private parts in an online “fight” that you so desperately want and apparently need to feel good about yourself.

If you think you’re so much more qualified in this genre than me, than by all means point me to YOUR succesful YouTube channel and playthroughs. At that point, I’ll take your contrarian attitude and admit that a rare example of me being wrong has occured. Until then, I still stand by everything I’ve said. And with all that said, have a good day man, I’m not going to get in this arguement any further.

There you go, mothwing is USELESS btw


And another xcom2 beta strike gatecrasher mission video


You have a successful YouTube channel I’ll give you that, but lol, “rare example of me being wrong”, okay, you were totally right with your “balance suggestions”.