MYZ PC Update [03.12.2018]

Hello Stalkers!

We have yet another update for the PC version available for you.
Thanks for the reports and feedback!

Patch Notes are as follows:

Critical Fixes

  • Crashes upon startup after certain savegames.
  • Subtitles now working in lower resolutions that 1080p
  • Changing fullscreen modes now working for non-English language users.
  • UE4 Fix for sound issues with VR headset owners.
  • Fix for possible permanent character slot loss in Iron Mutant mode.

Bug Fixes

  • Swapping characters in squad no-longer resets mutation cooldown.
  • Fix for teleporting through Lux’s gate exploit.
  • Missing grenade icon under certain circumstances.

Balance fixes

  • EMP weapon modifications less OP.
  • Plutonia does double damage with her chainlighting.
  • Stoneskin now absorbs melee attacks.
  • Melee attacks are not longer made against cloaked units.