[PS4] MYZ / Seed of Evil Patch Notes

Patch (12.08.2019):

Hello Stalkers!

A new patch has just landed for the PS4 version of Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden and Seeds of Evil expansion, you may find the patch notes below:


Critical Fixes

  • Failsafe for potential crash when AI is moving.
  • Fixed rare crash when travelling to the Under-Ark.
  • Fixed a bug which allowed the player to get to the ark early with the SOE pre-made save.
  • Fix for a crash when leaving the game idle for several minutes after starting a new game.
  • Fix for Treehugger crash.
  • Fix for Ground Pound crash.
  • Fixed a bug with medbot in Pripp mission which could vanish after reloading.
  • Fixed crash after Seed of Evil cutscenes.
  • Fixed possible softlock after pausing Jyko’s first cinema.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for difficulty selection bug when overwriting savegames.
  • Control pad/keyboard selection bug fixed.
  • Fix for Big Khan being able to damage himself with his own flame puke attack and the attack not hitting the full grid.
  • Joker ability no longer taunts all enemies in the map, plus some other fixes with this.
  • Fix for rare bug that makes the GUI vanish.
  • Pyro’s damage VS preview is now consistent.
  • Fix for ‘Doctor’ Artifact skill not granting the amount of health bonus as shown.
  • Fix for Artifact skill costs in Pripp’s Bar.
  • Fix for med-bots revive action not being interrupted under certain conditions.
  • Fix for Magnus’ Puppeteer not being interrupted under certain conditions.
  • Fix for infinite medkit pickup glitch on Sea Titans map.
  • Credits music now loops.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Select” button did not highlight when scrolling over options in the pause menu.
  • Ensured loading dice appear during long ark shop loads.
  • Lots more stability and minor level fixes.

Thank you for all the feedback and bug reports!

Hotfix (19.09.2019):

Hello Stalkers!

We’ve just released a small Hot Fix update for the PS4 version of MYZ:

You may find the notes below:

Changelog (SCEA version 1.13, SCEE version 1.14):

Bug Fixes

  • “Tough Nut” Achievement no longer requires hard difficulty
  • Several bug fixes