[SWITCH] MYZ / Seed of Evil Patch Notes


Dear Mutants,

This thread is for all patches for Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden on the Nintendo Switch. The latest patch will be featured at the top of the thread as the “Solution” to the thread.

Switch Patch (06.09.2019)

Here is the changelog for the latest patch for Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden on the Nintendo Switch:


New Additions:

  • Stalker Trial Leaderboards are now live on the Nintendo Switch! See if you can beat the high scores of other players.

Crash Fixes:

  • Added failsafe for potential crash when AI is moving
  • Fixed rare crash when travelling to the Under-Ark.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when leaving the game idle for several minutes after starting a new game
  • Fixed Out Of Memory crash caused by fragmentation
  • Fix for Treehugger crash.
  • Fix for Ground Pound Crash
  • Fixed an issue where a MedBot in a Pripp mission could vanish after reloading
  • Fixed crash after Seed of Evil cutscenes
  • Fixed possible softlock after pausing Jyko’s first cinema

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix for difficulty selection bug when overwriting savegames.
  • Fix for Big Khan being able to damage himself with his own Flame Puke attack
  • Fix for Big Khan’s Flame Puke not hitting the full grid
  • Joker ability no longer taunts all enemies in the map, plus some other fixes with this.
  • Fix for a rare bug that made the GUI vanish.
  • Pyro’s damage VS preview is now consistent.
  • Fixed a bug which allowed the player to get to the ark early with the SOE pre-made save.
  • Fixed an issue where the music would stop playing
  • Fixed a bug where the achievement Zone Master wouldn’t always be awarded
  • Fix for ‘Doctor’ Artifact skill not granting the amount of health bonus as shown.
  • Fix for Artifact skill costs in Pripp’s Bar.
  • Fix for med-bots revive action not being interrupted under certain conditions.
  • Fix for Magnus’ Puppeteer not being interrupted under certain conditions.
  • Fix for infinite medkit pickup glitch on Sea Titans map.
  • Credits music now loops.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Select” button did not highlight when scrolling over options in the pause menu
  • Ensured loading dice appear during long ark shop loads

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Switch Patch (26.09.2019)

Hey there Stalkers, a new patch has been release for the Switch and you may find the changelog below:


Crash Fixes:

  • Fixed a crash after the cutscene in Mausoleum of Suburbia
  • Fixed a crash when picking up a note
  • Fixed multiple crashes when loading saved games
  • Fixed multiple crashes during combat

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Joker ability taunt range
  • Fixed an AI bug when loading a saved game
  • Fixed a VO bug in The Frozen City
  • Fixed Save Game button during cinematics