[Xbox One] MYZ Critical Bug Fixes (21.12.2018)

Dear Stalkers,

We have rolled out another patch for the Xbox One version of Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden to fix several critical bugs that have been reported by the community.

The El Generator Artifact can now be collected! The camera should no longer jump around during combat! You can also skip the opening Splash Screens, if you want!

See below for the full patch notes:


Critical Fixes

  • Fix for player duplication bug.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for unusable empty save sessions.
  • Fixes for weapon mod range bonus.
  • Jumping camera issues for some users should be fixed.
  • Fix for El Generator Artifact can be collected even though the Z600 is still ‘alive’.
  • Splash Screen Skip now possible when game is fully loaded.

Balance Fixes

  • Artifacts are no longer destructible in the Forbidden City and House of Bones.