PC BSOD after Newest Update!

My game as been crashing like most peoples when trying to play on the Xbox Game Pass for PC. The devs knew of this bug and put out a new build today which was suppose to fix the crashing. However now whenever I launch the game my whole PC shuts down from a BSOD claiming bindflt.sys as the problem. I haven’t had my computer shut down like that or BSOD in two years, something is definitely wrong with the Xbox Game Pass build of the game that has just released.

Be careful all.

Not tried mine yet but will this morning, seems to me they should just roll it back two updates least people could mostly play it.

Give them selves time to do a proper fix


Can report my game has now launched fine and sync saves, not played it enough to see if caused any other just booteed it up.

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Hello @citrus333, this issue does seem related to Windows services / drivers, do you have the latest Windows Updates?

Same problem. Before latest update it just crashed seconds after launch, now it BSOD’s with bindflt.sys the culprit. All latest updates installed, no other games causing issues. Something is seriously wrong with this build, it’s worse than the last!

Im on steam version I got the DLC and replayed and just recently and My PC will reboot outta nowhere at random times, 2minetes to a cpl hours
I have tried Windowed/fullscreen etc & tried Low/medium /high on a RX-Vega with new and old drivers
Has to be either the latest Game or windows update

UPDATE: Tower of Time on Steam also crashes randomly
so I Reset windows, installed fresh Video driver and steam client…
This Game and others STILL crashe…All worked a month ago

Installed Epic with the FREE version of this exact game and it works just fine, 
altho I do not own the DLC on EPIC
I can play hours of BDO which is NOT on steam
Can play any of my games in ORIGIN just fine

@Brockie What’s your current Windows version and system specs, including GPU drivers?
By latest updates do you mean that Windows is up to date?
Are you running the game as administrator?
Does it BSOD during launch or are you able to at least reach the menu or play a bit?

Unfortunately, we’ve been unable to reproduce this issue on our end, so any information you can share will surely help!

@Drakzillah Did you not have this issue before? Could you please share system specs and GPU driver version?

18362.356 Windows build, Crosshair 7 Hero, Ryzen 5 1600, Asus strix GTX 1080, 436.15 Driver version, 16GB 3200 Team Group Black 8 Pack DDR 4, installed to Samsung 960 Evo NVME SSD. All latest windows updates, running as admin gives same result. BSOD just after launch but once it went to the first splash screen then BSOD less than 10 seconds from launch. Don’t really want to run it more times than I have to without a possible fix as I had to scandisk repair my boot drive after one BSOD reboot.

Thank you for the additional details!

Could you please also check if you have the Windows Sandbox enabled?
( we couldn’t replicate the issue with it enabled or disabled but it might be worth a shot? )

Do you have any Antivirus, Firewall or any other software running in the background that might interfere with the game?

Think I’ve found the cause, I checked windows sandbox and found it was disabled already due to CPU virtualisation being disabled in BIOS. I disabled it a while back for testing purposes and never re-enabled it. After enabling it and restarting the game launches fine, I don’t really fancy turning it back off and testing to see if it crashes again but if you can’t reproduce it and want me to try then let me know. To confirm its the SVM mode under Asus boards but CPU virtualisation on other brands. Hope this helps

Thank you for sharing this information with us @Brockie, we’ve forwarded it to the developers to check if there’s anything that can be done on our end in this regard.

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