Accessing the Agent UI and Crashing - How to Cut Down/Get Rid of the Crashes?

I know this bug has existed since the Agent system has been put in. But I seem to be plagued with crashing trying to access the menu most of the time.

I’ve tried to look up some solutions but seems there is really not much you can do about it in the end. Generally it looks like to me is it gets hung trying to load the agents pictures or something.

Things I’ve tried:

Reloading the UI after logging in.
Accessing the menu with the mouse instead of pressing the hotkey ‘P’
Messing around with other menus like inventory, mail, etc before trying to access.
Just playing for a while then accessing.
Looking at walls and places where my FPS cannot drop drastically.
Removing any addons I have (I use Meehrs and LairTracker).

I am running the Directx 9 version.

I have sent in some crash reports when I get this. But I get like crashes like 10 times in a row until I give up trying for a while.

Just curious if any people have any known ways around this issue as in maybe some settings options or something.

It’s definitely frustrating feeling like I can’t properly use one of the games mechanics.

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Have you run a repair from the game launcher yet? That typically fixes things like this.

Yeah totally forgot to add that. Tried repairing through the launcher first thing.

Tried to Verify Steam Cache on Steam too, but its not an interact-able button for the game.

We would rarely recommend using the Steam repair because it forces the game launcher to download a lot more than normal. At this point I’d say reach out to Support here: and leave them a link to this thread.

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Had the same issue running DX9. Tried repairing from Steam and Launcher, to no work.

Tried to tweak all the video options too, to no solution. Had to return to DX11, that gives me a lot of hitching in Tokyo and Agartha, but was the only thing that allowed me to open Agent UI without crashing.

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Switching to DX11 seems like it might have helped. Agent UI in general seems less laggy too.

Hopefully the game runs a bit smoother than it did before on DX11, but I guess I can take some hitching over crashing.

Edit: Guess I spoke too soon. Started crashing again today. :frowning:

Some problems in link with interface come to scaleform which is an old version in the game. To upgrade from a new version here, it’s not a simple upgrade because the interface need to be rewritten (menu, windows, arrows on your screen, skills bar etc.). it requires a lot of work. Maybe someday it will be done but not currently. Requires time but also resources (human and financial). The ingame web browser is made by scaleform too. As you can see, the library is everywere in the GUI.

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