Logging into Agartha, run 10 steps, crash

Yesterday I had a typical log in, Hit P for agent window, crash on agent window popup. Mostly though it’s been pretty good and stable.

Today, first login, picked up my two daily login rewards, hit P, agent window fine, accepted two completed missions, started two new ones, turned around (I was outside Gatekeeper portal), took about 6 steps towards the bank/AH area entrance, crash.

Filed crash report (the new interface of which however gives me zero confidence that it is actually going through). Logged in again. Once again, started moving towards the bank/AH entrance, got that far, took a couple steps into the central area of the tree, another crash. Nothing done but moving.

Have not had a crash of this type ever before, and it worked fine on Thursday and Friday (except for the Agent window crash), so not sure what could be the problem here.

Edit: Logged in third time, moved around ok, got into a Talos, completed that, exited Talos, hit P for an Agent check, crashed again. This time I got the ‘normal’ error reporting screen so I guess it didn’t change, just a different sort appeared for the first two ‘move in Agartha’ crashed. IIRC those had some ‘memory allocation fault’ phrase at the top, so before the third login I closed anything that was open in the desktop. That may have had an effect.

  1. Are you using Directx9 or 11?

  2. How much RAM you have?

  3. What is your window mode - windowed, borderless or full screen?

  4. Integrated VGA, AMD or Nvidia?

Had some similar problems when I changed my computer. Maybe I can help if you provide some details.

DX 11, 12G, Windowed Borderless(full), Nvidia GTX560 Ti, Win10

There are some reports of agent window crashing with DX9, and this isn’t the case, but might be worth to check your dxdiag for any problems on video tabs.

I don’t know if the memory allocation in question involves RAM or VGA, so we can try to cover both issues:

  1. Test RAM with memtest86 - 4 passes should be enough

  2. Stress test your VGA memory with Unigine - use Valley or Superposition

In addition, you can try to tweak your Nvidia profile for SWL by limiting some features within a comfortable gaming experience. It solved some issues with hitchings and crashings on Agartha and Tokyo for me: https://lomsglobal.com/threads/nvidia-how-to-make-swl-run-more-smoothly.2130/

I also recommend you to defrag your HD to get a better response in file loading. Might not be directly related to your issue, but I got some crashes in long loading screens and this helped a lot. Defraggler is a bit slow, but one of the bests I found.

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