Can't get past Agartha loading screen

Have been logging in every day for months. Other than the occasional crash when opening Agent window, no problems.

This morning, logging in, authentication, character selection all work fine. Agartha loading bar fills at the normal speed. Then it hits the end of the bar, 100%, and just sits there for 2-3 minutes. Then the loading page just disappears and I am back to desktop. Tried 3 times so it’s not a random fluke.

Did some searching, previous issues of this sort recommend either switching to DX9, or fixing a bad connection. (Not sure how a bad connection would work for login, authenticate, character select, full zone load bar… but then suddenly stop at that point.)

Nothing on my end has changed since yesterdays log-ins, and I don’t see any new patches… anyone have a suggestion on how to get this working again?

Thanks for any advice!

I don’t know if it’s an option for you, but have you tried logging in on another character? I have a bug where having my friends list open generates lag, and so if I happen to crash with it open, it gets opened during loading and that then ends up crashing me out. If I log in a second character, it’ll then release the first from the loop and I can log in again properly.

No idea if it’ll help, but it’s a suggestion!

Thank you for the suggestion. I thought similarly actually, so before I posted I tried 2 characters on my main/subbed account, and 1 character on my free account. Same results on all of them. Currently just giving it another hour or so before I try again.

Have you tried repairing the client?

Ended up having to run some errands for a couple hours, got back a while ago and yes, repair client would have been my next step. However just to test I fired it up… it was fairly slow loading, but went straight into Agartha on both accounts.

Since the only thing really that could have changed since this morning is the connection quality, I have to assume that some sort of bad connection really can get normally through the connect/log-in/character select/loading screen phases, but then die shortly after the loading bar is full.

Just seems odd, but all working now. Thanks for the help and tips!

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On a random basis my game freezes at loading screens. Random screens, random times. I enter an instance, and wait for the bar to move. And it doesnt. Sometime it does after a minute or two. But sometimes it doesnt, ever. Ok, I havent tested it on “ever” yet, but I have for an hour. I am certain it is in the coding, perhaps unique to certain laptops. I have an MSi.

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