Stuck on loading screen - PAIKANG

I’m stuck on Paikang loading screen, even if I close the game and reload.
I now have a main character I can’t play.
I know this happened a few weeks ago to someone else. I have tried all potential fixes suggested to him, none have worked.

Any suggestions?

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Get a friend to move you

Yea either log on via another PC or have a friend or someone else log on via their PC.

Unfortunately I play online because I don’t have friends. Another solution not reliant on other people would be just great.
Please help let me play my main character again.

[Can I contact Customer Support to get character moved?]

Many thanks


:warning: DO NOT: allow anyone to log into your account; that is ‘account sharing’, a serious offense.

:+1: DO: Contact Customer Support for Assistance @ Funcom Help - Funcom

"Due to the threat of fraud and security risks associated with sharing and selling accounts, we do not take this lightly.” - Customer Service Manager, Chris Tatum, GM Tamtor

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I had this same problem, although I don’t remember if it was in Paikang or not, and I only got it fixed by switching from DX10 to DX9 in the patcher.

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