Permanent Ban after 12 years of playing

Dear Funcom
Dear my Friends in AoC

Within the pandemic lockdown, a friend, neighbor, old conqueror friend requested to try my PVP Lvl 10 Ranger (as a DPS) before start rolling a ranger toon. I didn’t mind, so he did the following:-

1- Cursed a guy after getting trolled for killing him which gave my account a 3 days Ban. I don’t blame him, everybody was stressed during the lockdown.

2- He logged to his account (conqueror) to apologize from Funcom and confess that it was his fault and that he should get banned instead of me, and he told them that I let him use my account. This gave a permanent Ban for me and him on the 4th day.

It is sad after all of this and what makes it worse is that I received no reply, at all, for any ticket opened at all. No warning even before a permanent ban. Sadly, I can’t start again from scratch, I will have to let it go and just forget Age of Conan.
Due to the fact that until now I received no confirmation message that it is a permanent ban I am asking you here the following:-
_ Is it truly a permanent ban that I received?

  • Is it your final decision?
  • Did my friend do anything else worse than what I wrote above that made me deserve a permanent ban?
  • Was it worth it to give a player playing this game since 2008 a permanent Ban?

Looking forward to your reply
Best Regards



It is against ToS so most likely not.

Username and Password. During the Account creation process, you may be required to select a unique username and/or a password (collectively referred to hereunder as " Login Information "), and you may not share your Account or the Login Information with anyone other than as expressly set forth herein. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your Account and the Login Information, and you will be responsible for all uses of the Login Information, including purchases, whether or not authorized by you. In the event you become aware of or reasonably suspect any breach of security, including without limitation any loss, theft, or unauthorized use of your Account or disclosure of the Login Information, you must immediately notify Funcom support at

On point one that is your fault. You accepted it.
And your friend is an idiot.


Yeah I guess your friend just made it worse by admitting that this account was shared. It’s not allowed.


Also I did not want to sound like am gloating. My suggestion is to just message AndyB directly and plead for some resolution with him privately.

You have just given Funcom’s property to someone else without their permission. That is hard to prove, but someone confessed about it on behalf of your account; so, there is nothing you can do. Start over and never give your details to anyone (even to relatives)!

You would not want to see someone on stage with your guitar, which you have given for a month to one of your friends whom you know, would you? You would either beat both up, I bet, or bar them from your life.

Account sharing is as common as anything at this state of the game.
Do you know how many people maintain friend’s accounts for whenever they want to come back?
Or friends that left left the game and passed their account permanently?


ps: i feel sad about those people trying to explain how account sharing is against the rules but deep inside they feel happy for this man’s problem.


when judging issues of legality or morality you should always ask the question of commensurability. So is lending an account of a 12 years old game - even if it’s against the rules - worth banning 2 customers? common sense says no and acting as a clever company says double-no → you neither get any benefits (its not like there’s a big necessity for a precedent) nor do you have that much customers in AoC that you can afford to randomly kick people out without a gain (it’ not like they’d realistically lose other players, because someone ‘dared’ to lend his account~)


Account sharing is a permaban in pretty much any game i know, usually it’s impossible to prove so people don’t get banned for it often, but you just admited to it…


Tragic story Arabbear :frowning: Perma-ban should be a GM’s Last Option

“Due to the threat of fraud and security risks associated with sharing and selling accounts, we do not take this lightly.” - Customer Service Manager, Chris Tatum, GM Tamtor

Enforcement is inconsistent … selective prosecution invalidates a GOOD law

In 1886, Yick Wo v. Hopkins, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled an ordinance prohibiting laundry business in wooden buildings was unjust when Sheriff Hopkins selectively enforced it against Chinese immigrants. Authorities used the ordinance to prevent Mr. Wo from operating, yet, granted permission to 80 others to operate laundries in wooden buildings.

The Court ordered that punishing Wo with prison and not others was an injustice; Yick Wo was set free.

:boom: FAIRNESS MATTERS :boom:


If they traced the IP, both accounts were used from the same IP, he was playing on my other PC, just next to me. He tried to fix his mistake on his way. I won’t blame him. The strange issue that funcom banned me based on my friend statement and never asked me for any explanation.

For every breach there is a remedy. I am so shocked from the way funcom handled the issue. I didn"t receive any reply for any of my tickets. It is really unfair.

Whatever, i lost my account while trying to get my friend and neighbour back to game.

My friends, thanks for your efforts to solve this issue, i wish u a pleasant and joyful time in AoC and fair PvP fights in mini games.
Best Regards