Characters blocked in loading paikang

Hello , i have a problème 2 of my characters are blocked in loading paikang. I cant play them :frowning:

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I had that issue at some point too, I solved it by letting a friend log my account and move my character to another zone. Theres prolly some easy fix tho, hold on for another answer ^^

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hello hoe do you call a MJ to deblock that ?

Somethings that’ve worked for me …

CTRL + ALT + Delete > opens Task Manager > [close unnecessary background apps) > close Nvidia containers and that forces new ones created, replacing any errors

Run the launcher as administrator

Change Dx10 to Dx9: Set these to match on the launcher and in game (restart if required)

Change Fullscreen view to windowed mode

Entering blind: The character is not visible because of the loading screen window but should be recognized playable with working controls and keyboard commands

Using ALT + F4 = Exit and Using W (forward vector) to move the character first will re-save the character to a different location (15 second timer)

Travel by keybind; path of asura, path or ahriman, totem of origins, etc.

I hope this works for you, but if not, you can /petition in game ‘stuck in geometry’ :crossed_fingers:

it worked for me thanks!

Dosnt it help to flush dns? atleast that used to work some years ago when stuff like this happened.

ipconfig /flushdns

:warning: Do Not: allow anyone to log into your account; that is ‘account sharing’, a serious offense.

:+1: DO: Contact Customer Support for Assistance Funcom Help - Funcom

"Due to the threat of fraud and security risks associated with sharing and selling accounts, we do not take this lightly.” - Customer Service Manager, Chris Tatum, GM Tamtor

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