Characters blocked in loading paikang

Hello , i have a problème 2 of my characters are blocked in loading paikang. I cant play them :frowning:

I had that issue at some point too, I solved it by letting a friend log my account and move my character to another zone. Theres prolly some easy fix tho, hold on for another answer ^^

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hello hoe do you call a MJ to deblock that ?

If you’re using Dx10, change it to Dx9 on the launcher and on the character selection screen use F10 for options and verify it’s also Dx9. You may also want to be in windowed mode because fullscreen is known to have problems. Try entering. You can always change this back after successfully moving your character away from Paikang’s entrance.

If it’s still not passing the loading screen, wait longer than your computer would normally need. You may only see the load screen, but the server should recognize your character in the game. If you have a keybind for your path of asura, hit the key, give it time, and hopefully you’re rescued.

Keyboard Command Exit
Press W (default forward) to move away from the entrance; not too far.
Use Alt and F4 to do a clean exit from game; 15 second timer.
If it did not work try Alt F4 again to initiate an exit. Sometimes this works the first time, but I’ve had to use it 2-3 times before.

On the character selection screen
Exit the game completely and restart the computer.

I hope this works for you, but if not you can petition in game and hope for the best.

it worked for me thanks!

Dosnt it help to flush dns? atleast that used to work some years ago when stuff like this happened.

ipconfig /flushdns