Infinite loading screen Paikang

Everytime I log in to Paikang I get infinite loading screen (full red bar of Reading Content) and my character becomes unplayable. I tried switching from d9 to d10 and back, repairing data (numerous times), and relogging(also plenty of times), but it never works. Only things that helps is logging on my character on different computer, leaving Paikang and then never coming back there. Weird thing is that couple of days ago, coming to Paikang was normal thing with no issue, but then it broke out of nowehere (nothing changed on my part, no new updates, new addons or anything so I have no clue). I also copied the whole folder of game, and put it on my second computer, and Paikang loads there without much trouble - so it seems data is fine and is not corrupted.

Was anyone in similar situation and perhaps did something that fixed the issue? It only happens in Paikang. Thanks for any help.

Hi there,
I had that exact same problem years ago in Chosian, and over time I heard from a handful of other people that they had it in Paikang and/or Chosain, too.
As odd as it sounds, this helped and was suggested by some of the good old GMs in the past: Try to disable npc nametags (and in fact all nametags you can disable). Back then it took some trys to get that saved, because until some years ago more things were saved locally on our PCs, this was also the reason why we (and you obviously) could load in and move the character from another PC.
The GMs said something about an “overload” and hickups while loading due to too many npc in too close range. For one person I know in rl a GM moved the character and disabled the nametags for her. This experience is actually the reason why I never log out in an area with a large number of npcs nearby, like Shaulun or the ricefields in Paikang.
I hope this helps.

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The best places to log out are the Reliquaries/Armory’s in hub cities or solo instances.

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