Infinite loading screen on server G-portal rented

Game mode: [Online / PvP]
Problem: [Infinite loading on Rented server from G-portal]
Region: [USA NY]

[I was playing fine one moment had a slow rendering of my base I usually log out and in and it instantly renders it, however this time I failed to load in over 50+ times. I got lucky once and got back in but I had died so ran back and rendering issue once more to my poor judgement instead of waiting I figured it was fixed on the host who is renting the server, now i haven’t been able to sense however when I try to load in I know it is bugged THE EXACT MOMENT the loading screen tips text vanishes, I click my D-pad and I hear a flipping sound like the page of a book but nothing else happens.]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Log on
2.Pick usual server
3.Wait. Text vanishes loading bar stops with 5% left forever
4.Attempt to beg Darketo to assist me.

It may help not sure but the server is PS4 Detroit Exiles. EVERYTHING was fine until I logged however when I did get back in I actually was only one logged on which is never the case even at 5am. So I assumed it wasn’t just me. My personal opinion G-portal sucks and competition should be implemented to stop these crappy issues. Monopolies are bad for everyone.

Also this maybe related I recently downloaded DLC which this issue happened a few moments after I had installed the DLC “The Savage Frontier Pack”

Another thing (sorry so many posts) my current ping to the server finally loaded its 66 usually its actually lower around 40+

I also would like to note I actually can join literally any other server. But the one I have spend well over 48+ hours on is clearly on G-portal server side but because I have literally no way to contact them and they are considered the (Official Partner) I seriously think you should consider more options although it could be the game all I know is now I can’t play after buying dlc and I’m bored and getting depressed with out my fix. Day off, was looking forward to this.

Hey @SabunoHakia

We’re sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues.
There’s a very elusive bug within the game that will prevent some buildings from loading until the server restarts. If you’re the admin of that server, please make sure to restart the server manually to see if that was the issue, or otherwise request the admin of that server to trigger a restart and see if that fixes the issue.
Regarding G-Portal, they can be contacted via their forums, their ticket system, email, phone (+49 (0) 69 380766670 / Mon - Fri 02:00 PM - 07:00 PM CEST), Twitter, Facebook.

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Okay thank you, but oddly the admin continuously ignores me odd. But when restart occurs would that wipe all the buildings? And if so would backing up the server and restarting and reloading it just not reload the problem?

By restarting we mean maintenance restart. It is recommended that servers restart once a day to prevent performance issues, and this can be set up from the G-Portal admin web panel. It should not wipe anything at all. This issue in particular went away once the server comes back. If it is another issue, that’s another story.

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