Connection issues and infinite death screen

Hello, for the past 3 days my server has been experiencing connection issues, players are stuck on infinite loading screens.

And then once you get into the server if you die the countdown starts and once it gets Tony its just stays on that screen rotating around your dead body.

This has been tested by many players on the server and it is happening to everyone.

To top it all off the server is also randomly kicking everyone out for no reason.

Gportal have been contacted but they have yet to respond (over 24 hours later).

Is anyone else experiencing this issue??

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Try to load in.
  2. Once loaded in die
  3. Repeat step one and two
  4. Over 200 player base having a meltdown at the admins who are trying everything the can to fix it!

my server from gportal same issue. we play pve only 3 characters on the server. removed all mods, tried removing bracelets and setting beds repeatedly. Seems to have happened sometime after using the console commands and or installing Pickup+. the character is dead on the ground but the gui says its still gaining experience. makes the game unplayable unless I just dont die…May have no choice. we can relog and be alive again and are spawned the nearest bed or roll, but no choice is given. If we then die we are just hovering over our body infinitely unless we reload the game.

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Yesterday I read where pickup plus was causing people issues.

Welcome to the club. Our server 3041 has the same issue. If your not on after server reset or before 9am you cannot log on after and get stuck with infinite loading screen. Sometimes I die sometimes I don’t. If the next patch doesn’t fix anything on consoles I’ll be fuming. We can barely log on or none at all. Lost 3 bases due to not being able to log on.

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