Infinite loading ps4

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash | Bug ]
Region: SA

So i got the game and started playing, i made a base on the desert, i died and could not respawn on my bed or anywhere. After a long wait i got the message that i was disconected, now whenever i join the server i get stuck on the loading screen for ever. I looked up for people with the same problem on-line and i discovered that this problem is up for a few weeks now. So is funcom going to fix it? I cant play and i dont want to keep restarting on other servers to get the same bug again and again… Can the company do something? Im very pissed off to spend that much on a game to not be able to play and discover that the company dont care enought to fix MAJOR bugs. I will wait a FEW days and if i get no good answer, help or fix to this i will do whatever i can to get my money back with the credit card company.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. die in desert
  2. cant respawn
  3. can load the game anymore for ever

Heya, sorry but only having bad news for you here.
First off the chance of getting your money back is more than low, you have most likely the highest chance by issuing a Norwegian authority as they are usually very helpful and funcom is mainly based in Oslo afaik.
About your login problem, there was a similar issue that has been fixed I think, but it was different as yours seems to be connected to the respawn.
A few things you can try out…
Try to connect to another server, might help finding out if cached data is possibly corrupted.
Completely restart your ps4.
Get your character killed in-game by someone else(as it is there most likely laying around somewhere)

I can join other servers, but still cant log in on that one. Its not a ps4 problem is a game/server bug and of course i tried to restard the ps4. The company needs to fix it and have way more consideration to the customers. They didnt even respond to this post and its been a LONG time this problem is going on.