Stuck in infinite loading loop

I dies and selected bed as respawn option, when loading, the game crashed. Now i am stuck in an infinit loading loop to my main server. I can connect to others, but not to the one i have all my stuff on. Anything I can do?

after half an hour, I spawn where the bed is but only parts render and when i hit escape nothing happens and there is no sound

now i am back in game but only half the outpost renders and without textures, also for other players

Lanier67 I am having an issue of my own, and I am wondering if this is the same one you are having, or no different? Heres a link.

Hello @lanier67, could you please submit an issue report in the appropriate Updates and Bugs section, depending on which platform you’re playing on?

Hi, thanks for the replies. The issue was resolved after server restart. I am playing on official 1036. The intersting thing was that the non loading of bases was also noticed by other players

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