Stuck on loading screen, however i am in game

Game mode: Online official 1588
Type of issue: Not loading or rendering in
Server type: [Enter one of the following: PvP
Region: USA

[Describe the bug here]

When loading into the game at one of my bases, it get stuck on loading screen, however im in game as i when i died i was able to load from another base spawn point, however when i removed my bracelet and revived at the previous base mentioned, it goes back to infite load screen until i die again.

tried verifying files, pc reboot, logged on other servers successfully. If i press certain buttons while in load screen i can hear it in game like pulling up inventory.

Hey @Wulfgar_Companions

Just to confirm, does this infinite loading issue only happen when trying to load in your base? (is it the same base you reported in the past that caused Fatal Error crashes?)

Yes, Never got an reply or didn’t see a thread explaining why that happened, but one of your patches fixed the fatal errors. Last night i was at the base earlier in the night, but for some reason right before i intended to log i wanted to check on some projects there and used an obi to run there…i noticed something was up when the base wouldn’t render anything cept for thralls. i waited about 10 mins to see if it would and decided to log and relog and thats when the infinite loading started.


It appears to be working now i just logged in normally, maybe the server reset did something? did lose all my gear tho to decay…couldn’t collect it last night…:cry:

Hey @Wulfgar_Companions

Apologies for the frustration but glad to see the issue got resolved. We have a suspicion the same issue that caused the crashes before the hotfixes caused this login error. Since we fetched that database a few weeks ago we’ll send it to our team for additional tests and see if we can spot the culprit.
Thanks for your feedback.

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