Elementalism Crash


Same for me, I randomly crash, specially in scenario, right during the cast of Crytalised Flame.
Removed CF from build… no more crashes…


I’d like to add that I was mistaken about the statement in bold. While it is rare that someone else’s Crystallised Flame causes my client to crash, it has happened to me at least once in the past couple of weeks, and it’s most common in scenarios.


I did some troubleshooting these past few days to try to figure out if I could reduce the effects of this crash since it has gotten so bad that each time CF was used I’d crash roughly 50% of the time. It made the ability completely unviable for anyone in my group to use. My Cabal has now banned the use of CF outright due to several of us crashing on it’s use.

What I’ve done was:

  • I uninstalled and reinstalled my graphics drivers. - No effect
  • I increased the size of my Windows swap file (at someone’s suggestion) - No effect
  • Ran a game client repair - No effect
  • I deleted the four shader cache files from the SWL main directory - Positive results

After deleting the shader cache files and then doing a client repair to rebuild them I’ve noticed some positive results. Albeit, not positive enough to warrant using CF in my presence though. If I had a 50% chance of crashing on the use of CF before, I now have a 10-20% chance of crashing on CF use which is back to “normal” for me. This still doesn’t make CF viable, though. As a side benefit of clearing the shader cache, I now don’t drop to 10fps (from my normal 60-70) when running the Kaidan Lair. I only dropped to 40-45 today.


Whatever benefit I got from clearing the shader cache is already gone. I’m not clearing it out every time I log in for a lower (but still fairly probably) chance of crashes.


Bump for Funcom to actually correct this …


Not sure why I bother bumping this … but, hey, who knows… it’s 2019.


My most recent crash was in Blue Mountain Lair Raid whilst quietly waiting at summon point to bring on the first boss, so not much was happening whilst folks assembled and got their essences ready.
Before an essence was even activated someone in the second group dropped the crystallised flame on the summon circle to prep and I instantly crashed.
To me this was clearly directly related to the CF ability.
I was not even aware of this ability being a crash issue beforehand, so perhaps the problem is increasing.


Only major crash issue?! A third of my raid crashes on leaving NYR, regular as clockwork.


Not related to Elem though …


Only a third? You’re pretty lucky.

Ps. I’ve been able to narrow down the Elementalism Crash as being addon related, or more accurately addons are triggering a bug in the game code. Very weird. I removed all of my addons to troubleshoot and my crashes went away. I ran for four weeks with no addons (try sustain tanking e9 dungeons with no EffectsUI. It’s stupidly stressful.) and had no crashes at all. I started enabling addons little by little. I first enabled a core group of about 6 addons that I consider essential to have an enjoyable game experience. I ran that for about six weeks. I had TWO crashes in that six week period, neither of which was CF related. I enabled addons two at a time and testing for two weeks before enabling another two. I experienced only ONE CF related crash and that was in December. I crashed myself with CF in the Phonecian basement event mission in NY. Since then, I’ve had another two or three crashes, none of which I could link to CF. I still have a lot of addons to enable. I ran with nearly 50 separate addons and now I’m up to about 24. It’s been almost completely stable so far.

I sent a message to @Glaucon on Discord asking about how Crystalized Flame could cause addons to crash (or more specifically, the passive since just using CF without the passive causes no crashes) and his only answer is that "we did some very unothodox things in order to get CF to work." He didn’t really have an answer and wasn’t able (or willing?) to help any further at that point.

My hypothesis is that addons that query the game about buffs (including invisible buffs) and/or spell effects are finding a flaw in the system that can cause a crash if they query about CF and it’s passive. The more queries to the system, the higher the likelihood of a crash. So by enabling my addons slowly, I’m hoping to find that one particular addon that was causing me to crash 2-3 times per dungeon. From my tests, it seems that EffectsUI can cause the crash. If you have no addons, you get no crashes. If you have only EffectsUI enabled then you will start experiencing crashes, albeit very occasionally. If you instead only enable non-ability related addons then you will get zero crashes related to CF. For instance, if you only have Auction House and Agent addons installed, no CF crashes.

I’m wondering if someone more experienced in modding than I can possibly create some kind of test addon. I wonder if possibly the game is sometimes returning some weird or malformed information about CF when queried and it’s the addons causing the crash because they don’t know how to handle the information or if it’s simply the act of querying the game about buffs/spell effects that causes the crash. This could help us pinpoint the exact cause of the problem. That makes it easier to fix.


I’m pretty sure I’ve crashed as a result of Crystallised Blaze while I’ve been on Testlive, where we are urged not to use mods. @JimmyTheRabbit can attest to this. It’s not so much that mods may cause the crashes but that they exacerbate whatever underlying problem may exist, which results in greater instability.

For the sake of science, however, I’ll be testing Occult Defence using a build with Crystallised Blaze equipped yet without EffectsUI installed, and to increase the odds of a crash, I’ll invite others to join me who also include it in their builds. So far, all is well.


What I’ve been wanting to do is get together as many people as are possibly willing to help with this and go to the training dummies in Agartha with CF and just throw ideas at the wall and see what sticks.


Do you mind to give us a list of the first 6 addons you consider “safe”, the next 18 you added and that started giving a few crashes and also the last 26 you still did not test ?

This will help others in their tests if they are doing any or just allow the most lazy ones to try out something that worked for you :slight_smile:

If it may somehow help, I am positive that most of my CF related crashes happened during the cast animation. Or maybe it is just that those are more easy to be recognized as CF related …


I use AgentTweaks, BooBuilds, EffectsUILegends, LairTracker, Viper_DontMakeMeWait and the number of crashes related to “Crystallized Flame with passive” is exactly 0 since early 2018 when I succumbed to the magic of the Orochi Thermal Inverter.


Despite uninstalling EffectsUI, I crashed today the moment after I began casting Crystallised Flame while in an Occult Defence scenario with Jimmy. I’ll remove all mods and see what happens, but I expect the same problem to occur. Whatever is the case, I can be reassured that the source for the crash for me involving Crystallised Blaze is not with EffectsUI.


I never said EffectsUI was the cause of the crashes. Just one addon that is likely to eventually lead to a CF related crash at some point. There are any number of likely addons that can lead to CF crashes. Removing only one of them will only lessen your chances of a crash by whatever arbitrary amount.


I don’t know if I’d consider them “safe”, but I consider them essential to playing the game. Without them, the game is more annoying to play than fun because the base UI for the game is… painful in many ways.


  • AgentTweaks
  • BagUtil
  • BooBuilds
  • EffectsUILegends
  • LairTracker
  • TradepostUtil

With only the “essentials” installed I encountered only one random crash that I couldn’t account for. I do not know if it was CF related or not. Crashes that I can account for are things like crashing when leaving NY raid.

Other Installed Addons

  • Advanced Weapon UI (a custom version Claire-V made for me)
  • AutoRepair
  • ComputerPuzzleHelper
  • ElTorqiro_InCombat
  • EmpowermentHelper
  • FiveAlive (custom SWL tweaked version)
  • maXPert
  • meeehrPack
  • MissionUtils
  • MobMarkers
  • ModFolder
  • SprintCycle
  • TopbarAdditions
  • UITweak_BagLock

I’ve so far only had a single crash that I can definitely link to CF with all of these addons installed. I’ve crashed perhaps an additional 2-3 times at random during dungeon runs that I cannot explain. It’s an incredibly low crash rate, perhaps 1 in 100 dungeons. I consider this perfectly acceptable. You’ll notice only 15 instead of 18. The other three were Krampusnacht specific mods that I’ve since removed until next year.

Addons I used to have installed, but not currently

  • ACC
  • AdvancedComputerTerminal
  • AgentViewer
  • AllPointsBulletin
  • ChatFormat
  • ClickableNametags
  • Clockwatcher
  • DailyChallengesTracker
  • DoubleAgent
  • DropResearch
  • Friendless
  • GlitterGone
  • HPP
  • Infarmer
  • Misjah_ScriptBuilder
  • nln
  • ReAuction
  • Reticle HUD v1.0.5 (I do not plan to reinstall any version of this addon)
  • ShutUp
  • strangeBrowser
  • SwlMarket
  • TP
  • Viper_CastbarRelocator (I don’t plan on reinstalling this addon)
  • Viper_DontMakeMeWait
  • Viper_TheyComeAndGo
  • WhatsThePoint

I will be reenabling these addons over the coming couple of months. I might enable more than two at a time if I don’t think they are at a high likelihood of causing CF crashes. In other words, if they have nothing to do with buffs, spell effects, cast bars, etc, then I might enable them in larger batches. Say 4 or 5 at a time. I will always allow two weeks before enabling more just so that I can test out the stability. Two weeks will give me roughly 40-50 dungeons plus around 30 lair runs and a number of other group activities where CF crashes frequently happened in the past.

The only two addons in the “yet to be installed” list that actually seem to have anything to do with buffs, casts, etc are ReticleHUD and Viper’s Castbar Relocator. Viper’s is incredibly old and never updated for SWL and besides, it’s redundant to have around since castbars are movable now anyways by default. I was using version 1.0.5 of ReticleHUD which is a much older version than the current version of the mod. I simply don’t like the direction it went in 2.0 and up and I’m tired of using the outdated version so I’m just ditching it entirely.


No, but there was an implication that add-ons, especially those related to buffs and spell effects, were causing Crystallised Blaze to crash clients. Claiming that uninstalling all add-ons has removed every crash you can contribute to Crystallised Blaze leads to a conclusion that add-ons were either the source of the crashes or a destabilizing factor in causing more frequent crashes. I was clarifying that, for me at least, this is untrue for EffectsUI, and I doubt removing all five add-ons I have installed will have any further effect.


On unrelated to elementalism note may I add that I - way more often than I’d ever wish - crash after switching builds with Boobuilds. In dungeons usually, can’t recall if I ever had it in solo. Not often enough to uninstall it, mind you, but still. Just so people wouldn’t assume that list is safe-safe for everything.


Where to get these two? Thank you.