Elementalism Crash


Same for me, I randomly crash, specially in scenario, right during the cast of Crytalised Flame.
Removed CF from build… no more crashes…


I’d like to add that I was mistaken about the statement in bold. While it is rare that someone else’s Crystallised Flame causes my client to crash, it has happened to me at least once in the past couple of weeks, and it’s most common in scenarios.


I did some troubleshooting these past few days to try to figure out if I could reduce the effects of this crash since it has gotten so bad that each time CF was used I’d crash roughly 50% of the time. It made the ability completely unviable for anyone in my group to use. My Cabal has now banned the use of CF outright due to several of us crashing on it’s use.

What I’ve done was:

  • I uninstalled and reinstalled my graphics drivers. - No effect
  • I increased the size of my Windows swap file (at someone’s suggestion) - No effect
  • Ran a game client repair - No effect
  • I deleted the four shader cache files from the SWL main directory - Positive results

After deleting the shader cache files and then doing a client repair to rebuild them I’ve noticed some positive results. Albeit, not positive enough to warrant using CF in my presence though. If I had a 50% chance of crashing on the use of CF before, I now have a 10-20% chance of crashing on CF use which is back to “normal” for me. This still doesn’t make CF viable, though. As a side benefit of clearing the shader cache, I now don’t drop to 10fps (from my normal 60-70) when running the Kaidan Lair. I only dropped to 40-45 today.


Whatever benefit I got from clearing the shader cache is already gone. I’m not clearing it out every time I log in for a lower (but still fairly probably) chance of crashes.


Bump for Funcom to actually correct this …