Kiting the slithering chaos

When i quitted this game we did not have it, or nobody was going there. Players have been farming it for years, as a demo i have to kite but been there less that 20 times.

First boss: I don’t really have problems.
Second boss: i get stucked on the rocks and i have noticed that when you can jump back on the floor the boss spam the white circle on the rock where you were standing before.

Third boss: here it is a confusion, not everybody does it the same way. There are 2 white circles he spam, one kills one heal, but one of those that is meant to heal actually kills you. I have noticed that the white that kills you sometimes become the ones you have to stand on.

Do not link me anything, i have looking for many guides, they tell you the skill the boss cast but they don’t tell you what actually you are meant to do, or where to move as a kiter. Let’s not mention the 3 balls that you are mean to hit, i presume melee have to do that.

Anybody here can explain, maybe with a map, how do you actually kite the third boss? Thanks.

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The puddles at the last boss just switch between 2 phases, let’s call them “active” and “inactive”:

  • they are “active” during the shielded phase of the boss, when you do barely any damage to him
  • they are “inactive” during the damage phase after the 3 orb clickers successfully clicked their antennas near the orbs

Once these puddles are “inactive” (i.e. doing no damage to you when standing in them) they will become these shining circles without the “vortex-like” graphics.
During the damage phase after clicking you need to stand in them to avoid the AoE damage that is happening in the whole room.
One puddle is needed right at the boss because the tank needs shielding from said AoE that is always happening in the room because once you get close enough to the boss you will get additional AoE damage from him. The 3 clickers are shielded by the clicker buff but the tank needs to tank this damage completely, so the other AoE in the room should be avoided by standing in a inactive puddle near the boss.

Kiting there works pretty much the same as it does at the other bosses -> the person furthest away from the boss places the puddle.

  • tank with healers stands on one side, they HUG the boss, they move so close to him, that his hitbox starts to block them from going any more forward
  • kiter stands on the opposite side, the kiter takes some steps back so he is the one that is standing at a little distance but not too far away
  • after rapture you stand somewhere in the room where you like and place another puddle
  • after the damage phase ends you run in again and repeat everything

The reason why the puddle at the boss is not allowed to be too far away is because the tank needs to be in melee range to the boss, otherwise the boss will use Smite and hit the tank for ~6k damage.

Here are some of my incredible unmatched paint skills to visualize it (I know, looks a little messy but I did it in ~5 minutes…):
Before Primacy:

Before Spines:

After Rapture and clicking:
After the damage phase ended you repeat from the first picture again.

That’s basically everything you need to know about the fight.
EDIT: I forgot about the bomb, Evito explained it in his post.


Kiter job on third boss

  • run in melee range immediately and spawn a circle for the tank to use later

  • do whatever you want until rapture (just avoid spines and primacy)

  • after rapture, spawn two circles at range. doesn’t really matter where as long as it’s at range and it’s not on the orbs.

  • wait a couple seconds after the second one spawns and boss will start casting horrors of yig and the circle will change visually, get in one and nuke.

  • when boss ceases casting horrors of yig, run back into melee range and spawn the tank a new circle.

  • repeat process until boss is dead.

There are two potential problems:

  • the explosion: in horrors phase, if you’re doing top dps you might get an orange particle spawning on you, if it happens get out of range until it goes away or you’ll die when it explodes.

  • if you or someone is sleeping and the melee circle gets spawns wrongly, you have to bolt in after rapture to spawn the tank a circle (and then bolt out to spawn one at range), or it’s a wipe.

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Thanks you, this makes a lot of sense, best guides i have seen so far. Regards.

Love the painted guide Force!


I’m on 90% of it, how do you know when the “damage phase” ends, is it the “horror of jag” this damage phase? I have seen this demo who was doing the above, after a while during the horror, he was on SW, he then ran back to spam the pad like in the first pic, but after what? I didn’t see anything changing, hopeful i’m not getting color blind. Thanks.

Three ways to spot this:

  1. When you click the antenna on the orbs you get a buff with the same icon as test of faith (leviathus). It’s 35 seconds, and when it runs out it means dmg phase is over
  2. The boss got a buff on him with the same icon as Martyrdom from the DT class (orange ish). Again; when the buff runs out it means that the damage phase is over
  3. When damage phase actually is over, the boss stops his “horror of yig” cast and there is like a second where he doesn’t cast anything, and then he transitions over to his regular “Attacks”. Boss is on a timer so it takes TWO “Attacks” before a puddle spawns, or ONE “Smite” (Smite cast is longer, so one smite = two attack - if that made sense)

Hope this helped you out a bit, good luck :slight_smile:

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Easiest way to spot it as a new player is to see when the wizard tounge goes back into the avatars mouth. That means the dps phase is over.

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I’m running my own chaos on my demo and tank and they are all successful lol. I have a question about the drops now, what is the best chaos gem for demos, also i have noticed when using 2 same gems buff at the same time an icon but if i’m using only one i do not. Do you need to have 2x buffs in order for the buff to work? Also how come some players have a 2x or a 4x on the icon? Thanks.

as a demo I would go for Fierce silver ashur. Magic dmg is more important for demos then crit rating since you get 100% critrating-buff from spellweave. You also want silver twillight for manatap, and ashur for spellpenetration.


because t6 weapons and necklace give those blessings aswell, they stack higher then 2

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I’m pure dps oriented, do gems magic dmg 50 plus Ashur-Black Pharaoh exist? Thanks.

Asking what’s the best gem combination will turn out to be subjective answers. People will dissagree a lot with what combinations are the best for each class. Most people agree on the general stat on the gem (magic dmg versus crit rating for example). However, personally I think +6% mana tap is WAY better than +44 crit dmg rating considering it allows you to spellweave more often without getting punished. Also personally I went Silence Twilight on demo with magic dmg on both gems. Ashur’s Twilight is probably the other option I would consider if I would’ve done it over again. I am a fan on Silence falls considering Ashur and Black Pharaoh are very very minor buffs.

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Guys, since we talking about SC strat, can you guys tell me what it actually is? I’m in DPS role in case that gives any massive changes.

As DPS you need to do almost the same stuff the others need to do, avoid the one shots and do as much DPS as you can.

At the first boss you simply avoid Eradicate by running behind a pillar, keep in mind to break the line of sight to the center of the room and not the boss, the one shot AoE happens in the middle at the little bump.

At the second boss you avoid Primacy by not standing infront of the boss, once the boss does Undertow you jump as fast as you can onto one of the rocks (simply said, avoid the floor).
Whenever Spines of Set comes up you need to run infront of the boss. (in the pictures I posted above you can see where Primacy and Spines roughly hit since they are the same at the second and third boss)
The player that got the 2nd spot in the aggro list (i.e. doing most damage) will get targeted by Resplendent Beam after the boss hits 50% health, the beam will deal damage to you and everyone between the boss as long as the person lives so to interrupt that you will need to run into one of the clouds / puddles that the kiter places down, if you get damage from one of them the beam will stop attacking.

Well, the third boss is explained above in the older posts.

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In regards to demo Silver Twilight/Ashur is the generally correct answer but buffs from weapons factor in too so it’s not that simple in best case scenarios.

Black Pharaoh is inferior but if you have the t6 staff then I’d suggest try to work in a stack of it.

Crit rating vs magic damage is impossible to say what’s better, I rather magic damage, but crit is fine.

With t6 dagger/tali and arena neck (it’s far better than any t6 neck) I’d go for one ring with silver twilight/ashur and the other with silver twilight/silence falls.

With staff and arena neck I’d go for one ring with silver twilight/ashur or silence falls and one with black pharaoh/ashur or silence falls - I think the staff is pretty inferior

With no outside buffs I’d just go silver twilight/ashur or silence falls if you really care about -hate on both rings.