Lair Boss Abilities

Lair bosses! From small to very big! Regionals are included under the zone they are summoned in, and mega bosses are at the end.


All three are Draug, and Draug in water have access to a cast called Coastal Ward which is, I believe, a defensive buff of some sort, but I haven’t been able to catch in combat exactly what it does. (WTB ability to read buffs in combat Funcom.)

He’ll put a high defence buff on himself with Barnacled which can be purged and should be; I believe it’s glancing him that summons adds. He’ll also cast Tainted Brine, a greenish AoE near him that will afflict anyone in it with a heavy DoT; standing in water will cleanse the DoT.

She’ll periodically Empty the Cauldron, essentially barfing all over someone close by. It looks to be a medium range channeled cone attack with no chalk; if you happen to be in it, good luck. She’ll also use Very Wet Nurse to buff herself with a solid heal which should be purged.

Head of Glamr
This draug lord is a DPS race. It will cast increasingly large Pulse Waves—after three of them, it will just randomly brainmurder DPS one at a time with no cast. It will also cast Blood in the Water which gives it a buff—not sure what kind exactly, but I think it ups critical rate.

Savage Coast:

Lost Sarcoma: This Filth colossus drops persistent Filth puddles under peoples feet, so the best way to minimize their spread and not hem anyone in is to stack up right behind him then move out when the AoE hits. He’ll also occasionally PBAoE, so he needs to be moved some. He’ll reset if he gets very far from the summon circle so you have limited space for all those Filth patches.

Filth Vector: Cleansing the tank in this fight is a dangerous proposition, however I’ve heard that a tank with a self cleanse and a warning that everyone stay away can manage it. After three or four stacks of all the dots, they start to really hurt, so either an aggro swap, kiting around, or MOAR DOTS is needed. Be.stial Savagery can be interrupted.

Shadow of Depravity: This shadestalker is a giant SOB. Sundered Shadow can kill VERY fast; it can be line of sighted though if you’re fast and see the green beam on you. Trees on the island work for this. It will also Screaming Havoc in a massive frontal cone (don’t point it at the trees all the DPS are hiding behind) that can kill a small tank in one shot, it will yank the tank close before Vileness Spreads which puts down a big Filth puddle it needs to be kited out of.

Blue Mountain

Blue Harvester / Servant of Bánffy: He’s a ghost, and will randomly Silent Waltz people, but it can be impaired. Not too bad.

Ferrous Deuller: Keep him turned away from everyone, because many of his attacks are cone AoE. Electrical Catastrophe chains, but can be impaired. He summons adds sometimes; reportedly those adds will occasionally bring a regular lair monster with them, so may be wise to clear the area.

Polluted Effigy: This golem can hit for 11,000 normally. Its attacks chain but they also chain EVERYWHERE so there’s not much to do about that but heal everyone. It summons a baby golem occasionally which must be dealt with, as the mini golems’ attacks chain too. Standing in mud will mean you are knocked down every time you’re hit, but the mud starts disappearing so you can leave three mud puddles around.

Aspect of the Long-Toothed: The regional boss. It usually casts Black Howl, a cone attack, and Anathema, an interruptable attack that debuffs the tank so that the Filth dog can leech off them. It will also sometimes turn to another person for Hounded, which places a leash between that person and the dog and will soon lead to death. There are a few things to do about this; mostly, people let the dog kill that person then wait to release until it turns back to the tank. Releasing before that makes the puppy go walkabout looking for its snack. It’s also possible to chain-stun enough Tear Asunders that the dog gives up, or it’s possible to dodge back if it uses Rundown instead.

He’ll also sometimes have a stacking defense buff that can be removed with (I believe) critical hits, and every once in a while does heavy damage, so a tank should have mitigation up at all times.

Finally, Aspect of the Long-Tooth has a habit of spawning in and picking a random target (named Starsmith given how many times it’s me) to aggro on before it is targetable. Black-Exalt shared a good way to deal with it–have Sprint on and turn around while summoning. As soon as it spawns in, run away. The filth puppy will lose interest after a moment and let the tank aggro it.

Scorched Desert

This ghoul does some AoE. Spite Bend should be interrupted.

Eye of the Swarm
It will summon adds from time to time, as well as place small puddles of poison around the area. Batter is a dangerous cast and should be interrupted.

The Idolater
He’ll drop a big puddle of blood around, and sometimes cast Ring of Fools on one person. It’s got a small donut safe zone in it, so melee stacking together to make it easier to be in the small safe spot just in case is a good idea. I understand the AoE gets bigger with subsequent casts, so if damage is low, everyone should stick together.

City of the Sun God

Hassan, the Ruiner: Nothing he does can be impaired, so run out of his big fire AOE, and make 100% absolutely certain that you don’t leave his targeted AOE where he can heal from standing in it or where it will get in your way, because it’s persistent through the fight. Reportedly, dodging out of his targeted AoE can cancel it.

Nyarlat, Royal Executioner: This boss has a timer, roughly 1:30, after which he will start getting a stacking buff that begins to do massive damage. A raid that can kill Hassan might not be able to kill Nyarlat fast enough, but a wily tank can do some fancy footwork and kite to give people more time…and then come back dead and steal him back if needed. Word of Anubis can be interrupted, IIRC, so it’s nice to do so!

Duneback: So many BABIES. And the AOE!! The stingers that come up from underground during Sand Crawling in small AoE are FAST, and they hit for 2-3k a pop (looks to summon another baby as well if they hit), so have health and keep moving. It’s pretty easy to die here, and AoE damage is necessary to kill all the baby scorpions that are going to build up and kill everyone. If you have a low damage group, be ready to die and be ready for so many babies to build up that FPS grinds. Duneback doesn’t cleave, but it does spit poison out the front and randomly turns around to spit poison, so be careful!

Aspect of the Many Limbed: She has two permanent buffs: Triggers, which says it debuff the tank with something like Corrupted if she crits and improves her crit chance vs. webbed targets…? I’ve not seen that debuff myself. And Secretion, which is easy enough to see—it’s the deadly poison behind her. She’ll start out casting Anathema, a debuff that lets her leech off the tank, and Cast Web, which will root one person and pretty quickly kill them with a DoT unless it’s cleansed.

She doesn’t actually hit the tank that hard; it’s more important to heal everyone that she’s frequently zapping with laser webs. After enough of her health drops, she’ll shield herself, knock people away from her, and target a random person to follow. That person needs to take her into the sunlight to burn her shield off. While she follows, she’ll occasionally stop for Vile Birthing, which spawns lots of baby spiders. Stun it so she’ll keep going toward the light. Once in the light, she’ll teleport to another corner of the arena; find her and run up with pillars between you and her to LoS her webs. Then rinse and repeat until she dies.

Besieged Farmlands Lair

Red Revere: Watch for hard to see green puddles under your feet when he casts Midnight Mass–if you see one, MOVE. When it fully manifests, it may yank you back in and oneshot you. He spawns adds around him which are easy for tanks to pick up.

The Plague: If you have a little tank, having an offtank to pick up the second revenant this one spawns is useful. Thanks to the Shadow-Bound Weapons, finding the right revenant may be more challenging than needed. Screech is the cast where the revenant summons a friend; that and their reflect shields are the main things to watch for, outside AoE.

The Scythian: Exposed is 100% required for this fight; without it, the Sythian cannot be damaged. Debilitated is also needed as he will do more damage unless debilitated. Purges for his shield are useful. Since he can’t be interrupted, take care during the big AoE attack; if it happens right away, the tank has to get out of that too and can then be easily out-aggroed. Bring a taunt! Otherwise, keep him centered so that people can get out of the AoE easily.

Shadowy Forest

Avatar of the Creep
This one needs high glance reduction, as each glance cleanses it of debuffs, and if it’s not Debilitated, it will heal itself. It periodically targets AoE on players as well as has a largish AoE around it.

She of Woe
Padurii are but a shadow of their former selves. Stun or hinder her wisps, kill them, and kill her.

Dacian Pack Runner
It will summon small untargetable wolves to ak’ab charge people during the fight. Purge buffs and have at it.

Carpathian Fangs

Take all your rules you’ve learned in all games ever and flip them backwards. The only safe spot to stand is inside his white frosty AoE. Tanks must take Armor-Piercing Barrage to the face, because moving out of it is more dangerous than using a shield or Immutable and standing in it. Really, walking behind him is magical burst damage that can one-shot a 18,000 HP tank. This guy makes no sense. Don’t melee DPS.

The Voivode
Not sure I understand how this one works exactly. He has a leech buff which can be purged, and he’ll sometimes cast Red Symphony which places small red AoE that follow you under your feet. He summons adds, and if they are alive too long, he kills them to heal himself. That all is fine, but he has a very bad habit of turning around and one-shotting anyone who looks funny at his adds. Maybe something like Anomaly would work to grab everything close by so the tank is the one he thinks is looking funny at the adds?

This zmeu will place a stacking debuff on anyone it hits; at five stacks, they die (except it’s more than five; I had seven). To make it worse, he’ll hinder with each hit, making it hard to kite him around, but it’s certainly possible to do it without aggro swapping. In addition, he has a stacked buff that drops one stack for each afflict placed on him. Which…OK, afflicts aren’t that common in SWL…

Aspect of the Winged
Mini-Flappy hits quite hard. It uses Anathema like the others do, but the main thing is it will summon lots of whirlwinds that follow certain players. A followed player will get a dark or light swirl around their heads, depending on the kind of whirlwind. Dark ones can be destroyed while light (and hard to see!) whirlwinds have to be avoided.


Hata Oinari
He starts out as a stone fox. After a bit, he transforms into a man who will cast a large AoE around himself, and then use Master’s House as a buff.

Azure and Crimson Namahage
The should be killed one at a time. Both will cast Approach the Flame, a large bubble which kills anyone outside of it; most of the time they overlap but once in a while they don’t, which is bad. They also both use the cone AoE Harsh Reprimand and another pulsing AoE called Fair Trade which can be interrupted.

Komainu Alpha
It casts various interruptable AoE that are bad if they aren’t interrupted (I’ll write them down sometime). It will periodically clam up and heal itself with Stone Soul.

Aspect of the Savage Dream
Pigdor the Filthinator II Exhales the Void as a cone attack, Disperse Filth as small AoE all over that hurt but won’t kill unless you get hit by more than one, and also will charge across the room.

Lair Mega Bosses

Lair mega bosses are those big ol’ critters you hear people call out to kill in Agartha. Killing them is pretty simple, but if you want to summon one yourself, it’s useful to know what they do. Killing one for the first time will give you a lore.

You need a group of five to use one essence, and that group will get an aditional signet and signet distillate reward. I think it’s the leader of the group that determines what cabal gets auto-ported in. A raid won’t guarantee spots.

All dead mega bosses drop a chest that can be opened with a Lair Key. Inside are purple Signet Distillates on the order of 4,000 a pop, and sometimes signets.

I’ve tanked all of them, and some are a good bit easier than others on the damage scale. Some can be tanked with roughly 12,000 HP and solid use of defensive CDs, though it’s pretty dicey that low, while the padurii will leave such a tank a smear upon the World Tree.

The Abyssopelagic Horror:
A giant claw-armed Draug; he’ll cast Charged Hack which needs to be impaired, Tainted Brine which puts a very heavy DoT on everyone around him but also spawns areas of clean water–if you get the DoT, go stand in one of the clean water spots to remove it before it kills you. He’ll also cast Deep Echo which has a high probability of killing you if you don’t get out of it. If it hits and knocks you back without killing you, you’ll take damage. Items or skills that immunize you to crowd control will prevent both the knock back and the damage. He has ~33 Million HP, so he’ll take a while to knock down.

He’ll also cast Eldritch Zap once at most–not really sure what it does because I almost never see it.

Bunica Padurii
A giant Grandmother Padurii! Kill her wisps when they show up, one of them causes her to do a short range fire AoE. Tanks need full defenses up when she casts Branch Whip—it is a highly damaging attack. She hits like all the freight trains. All of them at once. She puts a DoT on the tank that ignores barriers. Smaller tanks that can manage the other mega bosses will probably have trouble with this one.

Kenememti, Fear Eater
She casts uninterruptible Word of Anubis to stun the tank, and a MASSIVE cone attack, so everyone not the tank, stand behind her. She’ll also periodically turn to someone and cast Death Sentence on them. If you have it on you, you need to use an ability 7 times in 10 seconds in order to avoid ~5,000 damage from Death Sentence; you’ll get a buff next to it which tracks stacks with each cast. Channels are long and only count as one cast!

Hitodama Confluence
A giant amalgam of spirits and onryo. Periodically casts Horrifying Shriek which is a giant AoE cut into six pie slices, and alternates safe slices four times The darker slices are the dangerous ones; standing close to it and strafing left and right is safest if you’re melee. It will follow up with Compressed Sorrow, a medium sized PBAoE, which can be dodged back out of. She teleports away after casting that. From time to time it will also cast Soul Divide which puts a protective shield on the amalgam while also expelling dozens of Onryo that need to be killed.


Excellent guide mate, I have a few extra points to add. :slight_smile:

I think the bosses here get extra defences when standing in water, similar to the trash mobs but I can’t remember for certain.

His adds are pretty easy to deal with but I find it’s a good idea to kill any “Safety Hazard” mobs near the summoning platform before you summon him as sometimes the adds will pull them as they run in (and they’re a lot tougher than the adds plus they summon adds of their own).

This boss seems to occasionally deal massive damage, which can either show up in the combat log as 3 individual hits or a single hit for triple damage. I suspect it’s a bug (it happens occasionally on other bosses but this guy is a terror for it). It’s probably worth emphasising that people who die should be sure the tank has aggro before releasing to the anima well (since you could interpret “respawn” as actually coming back to life at your corpse) to avoid the dog leaving the arena and going on an adventure. :smiley:

Dodging when the targeted AoE is on you usually interrupts the ability after only a single circle is cast.

The adds during Sand Crawling seem to be linked to people standing in the circles. It looks as though there’s an initial spawn of a few scorpions every time but then an extra one is spawned every time someone gets hit by the AoE.

Nothing really to add here but I’m interested in the idea that him one-shotting raid members is tied to his adds somehow, I’ll be sure to check that out and report back. :slight_smile:

The ability that needs to be interrupted is called Fair Trade and it’s a PBAoE that pulses damage. I don’t remember what Punish the Naughty is.

I’m pretty sure this boss is bugged - her animations don’t play properly (unless you’re a long distance from her), she’s the only Padurii in the game (to my knowledge) that casts Branch Whip without a chalk indicator and she sometimes double/triple hits the tank the same way Aspect of the Long-Toothed does. This makes her much harder to tank than the other megabosses, so I’d recommend lower level tanks avoid her.

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Thanks for the additions and corrections—I’ll add them in. I remembered the big hit Long-Toothed does but proceeded not to write it :slight_smile: I might have been thinking of the wandering Namihage for Punish the Naughty.

I don’t think Bunica Padurii is bugged, though. Outside the weird animations. Her Branch Whip is an unavoidable single target attack where other paduriis it’s a column that can be avoided. When I’ve tanked her, Branch Whip (which is IIRC burst damage) was what hit for most of my HP, her other hits are hard but not Branch Whip hard. So put up a shield to mitigate it. The fire from the wisps made things rougher also but a big group will kill them pretty quick.

She’s certainly the hardest hitter.

The Abyssopelagic Horror’s deep echo does not deal damage if the knockback is prevented, eg with an anti-cc gadget. Without that it sucks to melee this boss.

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Good to know, adding that!

Does this also work with the exploding adds on Polaris 5? I know in TSW you could negate the explosion with Sleight of Hand but I didn’t think to try it with a gadget in SWL.

It does; that’s my favourite way of dealing with those adds when tanking #4 and #5.

Good to know, thanks :smile:

Blue Harvester alternates full physical and full magical immunity, you can track it with EffectsUI or just see your hits all doing 0 but the main takeaway is, he is full physical immune for 6 seconds at the start of a fight so it’s not worth doing your burst damage on those weapons.

Bunicaa Padurii’s DoT is not purgeable and accumulates over the fight so if you’re running into trouble just alternate 2 tanks to stop it stacking up (glutton for punishment’s nice, defense buff + taunt). It’s got some note about dropping off instantly if you reach a certain distance from the boss but I don’t think you can do that with aggro. Fight is very easy if the DoT is never above 3 stacks (which is what a single cast adds; then it drops to 1 before the next set is added) at 13 stacks, the highest I’ve managed to get, it was doing about 8k/second DoT which is not great news for the healer.

Is that bit about Bunica Padurii new?

It’s always done it as long as I’ve tanked it.

I’ve tanked it plenty and never had it go over 3 stacks. How are you trying to cleanse it?

I tried a few shotgun cleanses and none of them reduced it at all so I just let it build up.

Possibly it’s buggy then, since Ive never seen it build that high and I don’t use any cleanses on myself…I let the healers handle it, and they do.

I usually alternate absorbing Branch Whip with Thick Skin and Unstoppable Force so I dunno, I think it’s 5-10 seconds expiry per stack on a recast every ~15 seconds. Maybe it has some other mechanic to reduce stacks.

[edit] I went and did my thing on someone else’s Bunicaa and confirmed that it only happens to me… the other tank’s stacks drop to 0 right as the next Branch Whip casts, mine refreshes with 1 second remaining (and thus I get +1 stack each Branch Whip)

Me with 8 stacks

I’ve seen 19 stacks on a tank while healing them before they conked out. I’ve also seen someone avoid them with timed movement.

Perhaps something is conflicting with something else - gear/abilities wise?