Dungeon Guides: Elite 5+

These guides will go over the basic mechanics in Elite 5+ dungeons, though they won’t have all the different ways to deal with them, as the tiers get higher, the mechanics obviously get harder to manage and I’ve not been in all of them to find out how people manage things in E8 and higher. Still, knowing what to expect is part of the battle!

The Polaris
Hell Raised
The Darkness War
The Ankh
Hell Eternal


The Polaris

The new mechanics to Elite 5+ are very similar to Nightmare Polaris in TSW!

Haugbui Jarl: Lots of electrified water meant not to be stood in. Charged Hack can be interrupted and looks to be on a 20 second timer, same as most stuns. Deep Calling can’t be interrupted ordinarily, but it can be canceled by running behind the Jarl; it summons circles of dark water underneath feet–get used to moving! He also casts Mjolnir’s Echo, which scrambles hate, so needs interrupting.

Blarbane Sorceress: Tide Wall can’t be interrupted, but it can be purged. A couple adds show up to be rounded up. Deathsquall cannot be interrupted–she needs to be walked out of the damaging terrain she makes. Shoot the three incubator pods before starting the fight so the area is clean.

The Verangian: Deep Blast needs to be dodged out of. Charged Hack can be interrupted though at least in E5, a shield can eat it. He also casts Mjolnir’s Echo which is much more important to interrupt. When he dives he’ll summon a handful of adds. His new spot can be seen by faint ripples in the water. When he flees, there will be a circle of cargo crates. People tend to start out on the green crate–all of them start out safe, but they eventually charge with electricity so you’ll have to move. Be quick, the water is electrified. Or bring a pure healer or a bunch of Catastrophe Shelters so you don’t have to move.

Haugbui Mother: Corpulent Slam can’t be stopped. Two or theee tall exploding adds will show up; keep an eye out that all are there before unloading AoE on them. When enough damage is done to her, she’ll cast Eversion and explode into three smaller draug. They have an evade buff but go down quick.

Primordial Dweller: Tide Wall cannot be interrupted, but it can be purged. Psychic Death Zone cannot be interrupted. Get used to dodging dark water and dealing with the scrubbing bubble draug lord puppies! Watch for the exploding incubator adds sneaking up. Synapse Spasm can be interrupted, and should be. He doesn’t always shield up after a PDZ, so watch and be ready to get right back up on the crates.

A tank’s defensive shield CD is a great way to tell all the scrubbing bubbles HERE I AM and protect your healer. Watch for arcs of electricity aiming for the back and sides of the arena, that’s the bubble-summon; use a shield then. If the DPS are failing at their job, a tank can also aggro the bombs and then use Immutable to let them explode ‘safely’ but this isn’t really ideal.

The Ur-Draug: His attacks hit everything in front of him, so unless you’re the tank, don’t be in front of him. Slam can’t be interrupted. Cosmic Gaze can; it has both a knock back and a fair bit of damage. Eventually he will cast Rending the Veil. No, friends, if you are at level for the dungeon, you aren’t skipping the blue phase. Get used to it; the blue phase is here to stay! I believe attacking during this time will damage you anyway, but not sure since people don’t do it often.

The Ur-Things that spawn during blue phase can be killed, though they have evade buffs. Hide behind rocks or keep far away from the nearsighted Ur-Draug’s gaze (and his tail, he can see behind him), lest he Cosmic Sundering you to bitty bitty bits. He’ll Pulverize two rocks (sometimes the one you’re hiding behind–if you seem him winding up to do that, have the tank jump out and moon Ur-Draug with a defensive shield–the tank can take a Cosmic Sundering and if timed right Ur-Draug will forget all about the rock…otherwise swing to the sides and try to find a new rock ASAP, you might get away from him while he’s busy) then the phase ends and you can attack him as usual.

Tanks can use a shielding defensive CD to easily grab aggro after each blue phase. He’ll also occasionally dive and hinder the players in bubbles, then resurface under the tank–use a cleanse to get out of the bubbles.

Sometimes he’ll walk into the center and cast Extinction. Hide behind a rock! When he’s on his last legs, he’ll blow up all the rocks and yank everyone into him and summon Ur-Things.

(Thanks for the additions, JimmytheRabbit!)


Excellent guide!
A small note on the Haugbui Mother, it is not always 2 tall exploding adds, sometimes it is 3.
The third tends to walk in slightly behind the first 2, it is worth dps checking for before unleashing an AoE elite that kills 2 and leaves you unprepared to quickly down the third one.


Hell Raised

It’s all very similar to NM Hell Raised!

Antimony Ministrix: She casts Macroshock more often than one stun can cover. It chains, Corrupts, and can one-shot anyone but a tank, so must be interrupted. She needs to be kited out of the big purple AoE as it travels around the area. She also periodically Lifeburns everyone, which must be cleansed.

Corroder: He hasn’t changed from Elite 1 - 4 to Elite 5+, except hitting harder and having more HP.

He’s casts an uninterruptible doughnut shaped Caustic Outpouring–stand not outside his bubble of safety. His attacks hit in an arc in front of him, so unless you are the tank, keep behind him. Otherwise, fight him in the middle of the canyon, as both sides fill up with dangerous hellfire, moving to meet in the center.

Hardwired Fleshtank: He hasn’t changed from Elite 1 - 4 to Elite 5+, except hitting harder and having more HP.

His main attack is Searing Brand, which can be interrupted or dodged, though he casts it too often to interrupt with only one skill. Each platform catches fire, and Fire Is Hot. He also hits in an arc in front of him, so as a rule, don’t stand there.

Traumadriver: On top of his unstoppable Stripmine, which places an AoE under a random person’s feet, he also casts an interruptible Searing Brand and an uninterruptible Molten Metal. The last does more damage the closer you are, plus afflicts with Lifeburn. Either be far away, have people bring Catastrophe Shelters to protect the group, lots of Unification gadgets, or solid blood shields. Otherwise, the room fills up with fire starting from the entrance, and the pylons along the side make the area a bit cramped at times with purple AoE.

In my experience, the best time to start the fight is when the purple AoEs are starting their return trip; watch for one to start right behind the Traumadriver and run in then. That will leave just enough room for everyone to move from one side to the other when the purple AoEs make their circuit and the fire wall is coming up to the center of the hallway. It’s very tight at that point; before it, bring him to the middle of the hallway, and after it’s safe to take him all the way to the end. The center of the hallway has a different pattern on the floor; instead of grating, it is solid.

Recursia, Many-in-One: She means business. Arcane Halo can’t be interrupted, so everyone get inside the small save space near her. Macroshock is interruptible; it inflicts Corrupted and can one-shot. Her basic attacks also chain, so standing next to the tank is dangerous.

When Recursia casts Infernal Criticality, she’ll afflict everyone with two stacks of Lifeburn and her Triggerthings will start zooming into the center of the room toward her in order to achieve an explosive union. She’ll also drop an Anima Eruption, an AoE that shields enemies that stand in it with dangerous reflect shields. Shoot not what is shielded for you will surely die; tanks can use crowd control to reposition a shielded Triggerthing if necessary since the damage tanks do reflected back won’t kill them. If a Triggerthing succeeds in casting Biomeltdown, you will probably die; if you don’t, you’ll be afflicted with Lifeburn and have a sliver of health left. Hinders, roots, stuns, knockbacks, yanks, they all work on the Triggerthings. Stunning a Triggerthing mid-Biomeltdown instantly destroys it.

Recursia will cast Infernal Criticality three times, summoning more Triggerthings each time; the third time, the tank should dodge away from her so she doesn’t end up shielding herself, then come back when she drops her Anima Eruption

Machine Tyrant: He initially begins shielded by dangerous reflect barrier called “Anima Overcharge” which needs to be removed by dragging him through one of the anima vacuums. They look like wells, and everyone calls them wells, but look carefully, they are sucking anima out of Hell! Wells are deadly when touched; only tanks can safely walk over one. When his shield is removed, he gets a 23 second “Anima Depleted” debuff, and can be damaged. Waiting until there is 5 or so on this debuff before walking him through a well usually keeps the wells coming on time.

That said, the first set of wells likes to time itself a little off, so that even the fastest tank may leave a mmoment or two od shield on the Machine Tyrant, so DPS must be careful.

Machine Tyrant periodically Lifeburns the party and comes complete with a three minute timer before he enrages and burns everyone to death. Lifeburn must be cleansed. Dance in the yellow circles for the best chance at defeating the Tyrant before he turns this section of Hell into an inferno.

Elsewise, Machine Tyrant cleaves, so standing in front of him is a tad dangerous; he occasionally casts Demolish, a big AoE that does big damage, which can be interrupted or just walked out of. and sometimes summons red reticles that chase people down. The red reticles will kill. When he goes into the middle of the arena, he fills it with bullet hell yellow circles, though they have a pattern and the strong of stomach and fleet of foot can safely move through them. He’ll also normally reshield after a trip to the center, but if his health is low, he won’t bother.


The Darkness War

If you’re familiar with Nightmare Hell Eternal from TSW, much is the same, but other things have changed!

Batab Crusher: He hides in the bushes and needs to be lured out. His only cast is Blood Boils, which can be interrupted. Adds sometimes appear, and he’ll turn a few into slow walking, purple glowing exploding bombs. Kill those at a distance; they leave a persistent bit of damaging AoE behind. He summons a lot more adds.

Everyone sticking close to the boss makes it easier for the tank to grab the adds before they run up behind someone and hit them in the head.

Xibalban Bloodhound: It is at first surrounded by many Mayans; the Nacom Warcallers cleave. Each add that the Bloodhound kills increases its damage. It casts big uninterruptible cones of Filthy Underworld Miasma, and occasionally Blood Boils, and Concuss, which kicks players back. Concuss can do a lot of damage, so the tank should have a shield up when it’s cast. Nothing the hound does can be interrupted, and because of that, it should be moved after a couple pie slices so people have a lot more room to move.

For reference: Concuss with a shield: Xibalban Bloodhound’s Concuss hits (Normal) you for 0 filth damage.

Dark House Sorcerer: All of the sorcerer’s casts are uninterruptible. Blood In writes Mayan runes on the ground around him and summons 2 - 5 ak’ab. Blood Out surrounds the area in whirling sand and dirt, forcing the players in closer, where the sorcerer casts Ceremonial Cut, a column attack to get off of, Ceremonial Cross, two column attacks, and Ceremonial Line, where he spins in place and the line of charged Mayan runes spins with him. He’ll occasionally buff himself after a Itazumi’s Wrath cast; purge it. He casts more AoE to avoid during Blood In.

This guy has a bug where one of his Ceremonial attacks will place the Mayan rune graphic in a different place than the chalk outline. In my experience, the chalk outline is the “real” cast.

Unbound Ak’ab: After the first four baby ak’ab are rounded up and dealt with (they die messily in a persistent damaging AoE), the boss shows up under ground and then pops up. Dash can’t be interrupted, but it doesn’t seem to do damage if its pointed against a wall. After a while, it will dive under ground and chase a player, pop up, summon some baby ak’ab. Those babies need to be rounded up and placed on the edges of the area so they don’t build up and make it impossible to move around.

Having one person bait the diving ak’ab far away from everyone else so they can deal with the babies is one way to manage that phase.

Mayan Battle Mage: Affectionately known as Bombs Away Bob in my first cabal for his habit of carpet bombing the arena in three columns. A targeted AoE, Sanguine Omen, can usually be interrupted. He often summons adds, more and more of them as the fight continues, and will transform some of them into slow walking bombs. Main difference here is he’ll periodically buff himself with Itazumi’s Wrath; that needs to be purged.

Wayeb-Xul, The Hound of the Nameless Days: This fight starts out with lots of adds that need to be corralled into one place. The Nacom Warcallers cast Hew, and along with the Chilam Psychopomps (who will AoE buff the others–drag the adds out of the buff circle), have more HP than the Mayan Bloodletters. After they are dealt with, Wayeb-Xul flies in. It will cast a massive cone AoE, Exhale the Void, which is dangerous and interruptible. It occasionally casts Concuss, which cannot be interrupted, Wayeb-Xul stuns everyone, switches targets, and teleports people around the arena, though everyone (including the tank!) who hides behind the rocks on the right side won’t be teleported.

Concuss is EVERYONE’S job to deal with–the tank needs to taunt Wayeb-Xul, but the DPS and healer also need to give the tank time to enforce that taunt. During Phase 1, everyone including the tank should hide behind the rock to the right of the arena, and when he’s done casting, the tank should jump out and taunt Wayeb-Xul before anyone else touches him. Most taunts work for this, but I have heard some people have issues with the Hammer taunts (Raging Volcano isn’t a proper taunt; unsure why Enter the Fray wasn’t reliable for the person who used it but it’s worth testing). Sometimes Wayeb-Xul will cast Open the Rift immediately after Concuss–if this happens, to try to make sure the tank’s taunt sticks, don’t touch Mr. Pigdor the Filthinator.

In Phase 2, Evulsion right before the end of Concuss is good to make sure Wayeb-Xul doesn’t turn to a DPS if you have a melee, but it’s fragile and DPS unloading ASAP is a good way to die. Otherwise wait until the instant he turns away–ranged DPS won’t be targetted quickly so you have time to taunt. This is more robust aggro.

Drag him over by the rocks and point him away so that everyone can hide quickly. He’ll also Open the Rift, stunning and yanking everyone but the tank into melee range, forcing them to run back out before he slams his feet down. It’s quite a lot bigger in E5+. It’s also possible to hide from it in the lee of the rocks that are used to hide from Concuss, but the angle has to be right.

After enough damage is done, he’ll start Reanimation on the Mayan adds; they need to be dealt with. After a couple casts, The Verangian will show up, stun everyone, chase off Wayeb-Xul, and grant the players a major buff. After all the Mayans are resurrected and killed again, Wayeb-Xul returns, casting Sacrificial Ceremony in order to reanimate the Mayans a third time as slow walking bombs, Open the Rift, and Exhale the Void. Concuss during this phase will not teleport people around. All the while, The Verangian is fighting the thing in the abyss; eventually, it will kill him, leaving the players without a buff if they take too long to kill Wayeb-Xul.

If the Verangian dies, Wayeb-Xul’s Concuss will start teleporting people around again.


The Ankh

The basic mechanics of the Elite 5+ version of The Ankh. If you’re familiar with Nightmare Ankh from TSW, much of this will be familiar, but it’s not the same!

Squalid Hekaturgist: He is standing in the middle of a circular area, and four Motes of Aten float around the circle. The motes themselves are very dangerous and will eventually kill a player that they stick too, so take care not to get too close to one. Three of them will periodically cross in the center and across; not all of them will, so they’re not always easy to predict. They silence the player they are attached to and do a lot of damage, so if you get moted, someone needs to free you. The Hekaturgist himself moves away from the tank, so circling around him will generally keep him in the center. He casts Heka Blast, a targeted AoE on random players, which can’t be stopped. It won’t kill the person it targets, but it will kill anyone else inside it, so the person with Heka Blast should stay still as much as possible and let everyone else move.

Doctor Klein: He stands at the head of the bridge, accompanied by a Dimensional Reaper, which protects Klein from damage. It’s best to pull the Reaper down onto the bridge with Evulsion or a pulling gadget, as standing on that side of Klein opens players up to being moted when Klein casts Open the Void (which opens a portal to his left or to his right that lets out three Motes of Aten). When the Reaper dies it drops a knock down AoE on the player it had aggro on.

Klein also casts Profane in the Membrane (which can be interrupted), his normal attack, one Swell of Mutation (a small wave to the left or right) or three Swells of Mutation (left right left or right left right). He always signals the side he will cast on by turning that way and lifting his staff. Strafing left or right will avoid the attacks on the other side.

Every so often, he will raise his staff, a purple beam shines from Klein an the tank, and he casts Dreaming Shroud on the tank, which is ten seconds of up to 4,000 Filth damage a second. This, as one can imagine, hurts. One way to survive this is for the tank to use Twist Fate + passive as soon as they glow purple, and then have the healer use everything they have to heal the tank through the last five seconds. Pain Suppression with the passive is another way to really help out the healer. After Dreaming Shroud, Klein will cast Wave of Mutation. This wave takes up the entire bridge, so you’ll need to run back and stand on the fallen pillar, which will have Filth on it. The wave can be jumped (if you know how to do that from TSW); Superliminal Bridging Device used at the right time will jump it, Flicker works, or the tank can use Immutable to survive the wave and then heal up right after. Anyway, Klein start casting again, but he’ll stop for a short time the first time someone hits him after the wave, which is why jumping the wave is so important. Dodging and weaving back is really hard.

When Klein is finished casting Open the Void after a wave, yank down the new Reaper and kill it.

If he casts Open the Void any time other than right at the start or right after a big wave, stun him as soon as its done to hopefully prevent him from spamming Swell of Mutation at the same time.

This is accurate for the last fight as well.

Orochi Dead Ops: They drop Frag, a large explosive AoE under someone’s feet, and Closedown (which can be interrupted), a hinder on the tank. With one left, he or she casts Full Clip, a column attack with no chalk, plus the other two attacks. Pick an order and kill them in that order. While tanking this, I find having a taunt on hand is useful just in case someone drops a High Explosive Grenade on all the Dead Ops at once.

Dimensional Arachnid: The spider randomly spews unstoppable Black Bile under a random person’s feet. At the start of the fight and periodically during, research scientists show up and buff the spider. The five scientists should be killed at the start, then picked off as they revive. The scientists attack with Heka Strike when aggroed, and also have an annoying habit of resetting if moved. Sometimes the Filth puddles may become invisible, not sure what may cause this, but be aware of where the puddles are.

The Colossus, Melothat: First off, the two mummies and the first gate needs to be knocked down, then the mummies behind the gate (or you can just break the gate and let the tank be swarmed by mummies :slight_smile: A chaos tank will eventually kill them with Singularities). After this, the DPS should stay on Melothat while the tank runs up to the next gate. This giant juggernaut of a skeletal mummy does not like his toes stubbed. In order to not stub his toes and trigger a massive, damaging, Exposing Overkill when in melee with Melothat, stand at the farthest extent of your range. It helps to defensive target yourself and angle the camera low enough that Melothat’s red circle always shows–don’t let your green circle and his red circle touch, and he won’t punt you.

After doing enough damage to him that he roars and starts glowing red, retreat past the gate, open the second one, kill some mummies, while everyone but the tank ignores the Orochi Dead Ops there, then start attacking Melothat again. The Orochi uses Closedown and Frag, so the tank needs to keep the Orochi well away from the DPS. Melothat will start bringing Wretched Receptacles from behind him, which cast Hekaruption, a quite damaging cast, so kill them fast; the tank will be too busy entertaining Orochi to help. Melothat will charge a second time; get behind the gate, and kill him there. When Melothat starts moving forward at the second gate, two more Orochi will show up, so the tank should have the first Orochi way in the back and keep all three busy there. If you hear Klein tell you to hurry up and die, Melothat is coming close to Overkilling you over and over into the Filth wall at the end of the bridge, and room gets tight there with three Orochi and their Frags.

Melothat and Klein: Melothat casts uninterruptible Sinkhole, an AoE on the tank that leaves very dangerous Filth behind. Melothat has a pretty substantial cleave too. After 75% of his HP is taken down, he’ll fall over and Klein will start buffing him. While Melothat is kneeling, he will have a buff that protects him from all damage; I think it falls off when Klien stops buffing him. The tank needs to run upstairs, punch Klein, then use the scaffolding just below Klein to get back down into heal range. When Melothat stands, he seems to reset aggro, so a taunt is needed. After he kneels down a second time at 50%, Klein will have moved farther up the scaffolding, but he’ll still need to be punched. A Wretched Receptacle will spawn out of the Filth puddle left by Sinkhole aster Melothat stands up a second time, which is nice to kill. After the third time, at 25%, Klein will teleport down and cast his Wave of Mutation.

Klein’s wave needs to be jumped at this point to make him stop spamming skills; after a while he’ll port over to the other side of the room and spam motes and waves. Sometimes, if Klein is damaged too fast at this point, he’ll retreat upstairs but leave a second Wave of Mutation as a parting gift; I assume this is a bug, but regardless, be aware of it. It’s much easier to deal with this second wave if you don’t also have Melothat to drag around and cleave everyone.

Once Melothat is dead and Klein is damaged enough to retreat, Klein summon two Dimensional Reapers and will begin casting an apocalyptic skill that, if no one gets upstairs in time to get his attention, will wipe the party. It’s pretty long, so it’s not a threat. Drag down a Reaper, kill it, kill the second one, then kill Klein; Klein casts interruptible Profane in the Membrane until the end.


Hell Eternal

If you’re familiar with Nightmare Hell Eternal from TSW, much is the same, but other things have changed!

Archaean Seismocratist: The main change here is the introduction of Rot Iron chains. They severely hinder players in place, and if not cleansed, will, after a short time, kill them. So someone with a cleanse is very important (Purification DDrone will hop from player to player and cleanse everyone, for instance). None of his casts can be interrupted. He casts Shadow in the Blood on the tank, which is a large AoE which can damage anyone else who stands in it and explodes after a few seconds. He’ll also cast a large AoE Caldera which if it hits anyone, they die. He’ll also Flame Lash a DPS, which pulls them toward him and knocks them down.

Lustrehunter: The scardey-cat demon with all the eyes shields himself with Occluding Lens; it can’t be purged in E5+. He’ll also periodically Fallback, stunning everyone, rooting them with Rot Iron chains, while he runs away. He’ll start buffing himself (and at this point he’ll drop aggro as well, so make sure you give time for the tank to get it back), and he’ll also place Mephisto’s Reach on himself, creating a highly damaging AoE. Tanks should use their shield defensive CDs and stand in it.

Prime Maker: It starts off with a reflect shield which needs to be removed by dragging it through water puddles. Periodically, people will be afflicted by a fiery DoT, which needs to be cleansed. As flames come out of the center of the forge, it gains “Heat” 1 stacks at a time, at about 1 stack per second; at 100 stacks of “Heat” its shield goes back up. Move the golem to a new well right around 40-50 stacks of “Heat”, or if it casts something that’ll make the tank move anyway.

Reduction is interruptible and Corrupts the tank while doing a lot of damage as well; it can be interrupted but he’ll recast it anyway, so depending on how hard he’s going to hit with it (and it will be hard regardless) it may be better to let the tank put a shield up rather than stun it. Standing in the flame wisps will stack Corrupted and damage FAST. The wisps can’t be killed and tend to trail behind the golem, so staying in front of him is a good idea. Its other casts, which cannot be interrupted, are Carburising Flame, an AoE that spawns under player feet, and Furnace Blast, a large AoE around the golem. On top of all this, the golem gets a stacking damage buff; depending on how beefy the tank is, they’ll have to start kiting the golem to avoid death, often right around the third time the golem’s shield is removed. Run and dodge along the center line of the platforms so that the golem will walk through water. A taunt gadget can be useful to turn around real fast and taunt it so that the DPS don’t end up with aggro.

Draw Heat seems to make all his fire spirits explode, so don’t be close to fire spirits when he casts it! Occasionally the tank will get some spirits on them and end up with 10 stacks of Corrupted; that needs to be cleansed as well.

This guy is really rough.

Flagillatrix Superior: She needs to be taken to the left and then, if the fight lasts that long, turned at the intersection. She casts Spitelance, which can be interrupted but also gets her to move forward really fast so can be used to position her, Vigil, which sets off yellow alert alarms that are alarmingly LOUD and make her Mortar Monstrosity move faster. If her Tyrants get close to the party, the Mortar Monstrosities will cast Firmament Barrage, causing a number of red tracking reticles to chase people as well as a large AoE Earthen Revolt. She also periodically summons hellsoldiers to accompany and shield her; they need to be killed quickly.

The three Hadean Guards: All of them can cast Painwheel Overdrive, an interruptible AoE, but won’t until one has been killed. It’s best to kill Brutus, then Iscariot, then Cassius; if people can’t figure out by now not to let Iscariot burn them, maybe they should put their credit card away!

The Iscariot, Hadean Guard: She casts uninterruptible Immolation Invocation on the player doing the most damage, which will burn them as they stand unless they run around trailing damaging fire after them. She’ll occasionally cast Rot Iton; Iscariot is the only one who casts this that can be interrupted.

If she is the last left alive, she will cast Shadow in the Blood on the tank while continuing to cast Immolation Invocation. She may summon adds as well in E5+.

Brutus, Hadean Guard: He regularly shields his companions with Black Iron Bulwark, which can’t be purged or interrupted (though if you’re very lucky, it will end up on someone’s chaos doppelgängers). He also casts Drink Deep, which will heal him and damage the tank, so don’t let him do it. If he is the last alive, he casts Body Hammer, which can’t be interrupted but can be dodged; first he tries to stun and damage the tank, then turns onto another player to charge at them. May also summon adds in E5+; may cast Mephisto’s Reach if he’s the last one left. I don’t know this for sure.

Cassius, Hadean Guard: She normally casts Chirurgy, an interruptible heal for herself or one of her allies. The cast is visible as her lifting one hand that glows white, if you want to stun it while your reticle is on a different demon. If she’s the last alive, she will shield herself in Occluding Lens, a reflect shield that cannot be purged. She will also cast Klaxon and summon adds periodically that also shield themselves, but their cast can be interrupted.

Whichever Hadean Guard is last seems to get a sizeable damage buff, and the adds don’t help.

Eblis, Dominus Inferni In Profundis: Eblis will Solar Collapse putting giant red AoE nearby that turn into semi-persistent fire hazards, along with red reticles that chase people. On top of it, he likes to cast Rot Iron in the middle of everyone running away. Cleanses are important! Because of this, he should be kept to the edges of the area. He’ll often Dark Rush, dropping Shadow in the Blood on everyone he dashes through. Ideally, this should only be the tank, and because backing against a wall won’t stop his dash, it’s better to keep him out in the open where the tank can then back up away from the rest of the party, giving melee DPS room to attack. Shadow in the Blood can do a lot of damage to someone who steps in it, even killing them.

He’ll also occasionally stun someone with Consummation, which sucks down a lot of their HP and stuns them (and Eblis) for a short time. Drink Deep has returned; it needs interrupted lest he heal himself. He also periodically casts Occluding Lens on himself; it cannot be purged.

Eblis will Cast Out two or three times during the fight, yanking everyone into a bubble full of moving ground AoE periodically; while in the bubble, he’ll cast Painwheel Overdrive, which can be interrupted, and Vanquish, two column attacks that blast from his wings, which can’t. If he also attacks the tank, it’s the last Cast Out. Damaging him enough in disco bubble phase will either cause him to Cast Out everyone into the normal Hell, or he’ll die. The outsides of the disco bubble are guarded by adds that will cone attack anyone near them, so the only safe place is near Eblis.

If you encounter an issue where Eblis uses Cast Out while Shadow in the Blood hasn’t detonated yet, thus turning the disco bubble into an insta-gib bloodbath, congrats, your group has too much DPS! Holding fire until the AoE detonates should work.


Specifically, “Raging Volcano” from hammer won’t work for this because it’s taunt is temporary (all other taunts permanently increase your aggro), so as soon as the effect ends, he’ll likely swap targets again.

Right, that, though I’ve also seen someone using Enter the Fray and have it not taunt properly. Possibly due to aiming issues; in any event, they had to switch to a different taunt.

I’ve noticed that sometimes taunts can fail if he immediately starts another cast straight after concuss - it seems like the aggro swap gets delayed until after the second ability finishes casting but not always. His casting stuff seems super janky in general though, especially in his second phase where he’ll regularly interrupt his own abilities to resurrect adds.

That’s true; I’ll note that for reasons of “DPS let the taunt stick!” reasons :slight_smile:

Spiderbatpug. :smile:

Nice guides, just a couple additions I think merited for HR:

Antimony Ministrix’s exploding circles don’t start until players go far enough around the corner before the gate - if people hang back a bit, this gives parties a chance to start clockwise with explosions at their backs, instead of at their face.

With an AR giving leech to the party, the Hardwired Fleshtank can be fought completely off the platforms, as the coals/lava hits for much less than the flames.

Traumadriver’s Molten Metal may be line-of-sighted by jumping behind the pillars to the left side of the hall, in an emergency. Due to the time making the move, it’s a fair dps loss and not recommended for anything but “oh ■■■■” moments when someone pops the Catastrophe Shelter early.

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Gadgets and wings can be used when moted, sometimes allowing you to break free in a pinch.

Klein’s waves can be stopped even without a person lingering somehow to hit him - placing a manifestation or using a persistent damage gadget will prevent him from spamming casts after a Wave of Mutation.

Worth noting that the Dimensional Reapers will leave a parting gift as they die - a Heka Blast on whomever had aggro last.

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A couple fights can be impaired with a single skill if you use an Elite with cooldown signet, or a red gadget + time & space - ones I know of in dungeons are Traumadriver’s Searing Brand, Eblis’s Painwheel Overdrive, both in the 17-18 sec range. I believe Macroshock’s too short for even a maxed red signet (about 11-12 seconds)

Lairs do this more often, for example the stun the spectre in Blue Mountain casts is also ~18 sec.

I couldn’t get Enter the Fray to work at all, ever, so I stick to chaos/shotgun taunts at all times. The problem is it’s even more sensitive to ground obstacles than Eruption. And its 3-15m range starts at the edge of the boss and ends 15m from the center of the boss so it’s more like 10m away on fat bosses.

AoE melee attacks (ie. hammer/chaos basic hate moves) can hit the Dimensional Reaper in Ankh 2, and the right side Reaper in Ankh 6, as long as you stand right at the edge, so those are low priority pulls if you need to slot something else.

I’d really put an emphasis on Pain Suppression for Dreaming Shroud; if I time it right, I don’t need any healing to survive the cast. Twist Fate and Thick Skin both work but only with a healer. Rifle users also have that one elite that makes the tank invulnerable for ~3 seconds, that can cover the gap at the end ok.


Yea, I use Evulsion for both of those, plus a Bashosen with a yellow Time and Space for Macroshock. Eblis adds Drink Deep though, so the group will need two stuns no matter what.

Right, Drink Deep needs a 2nd one, I use Beatdown for it cause really any 20s one works but that has a nice passive.

Drink deep doesn’t need to be stunned, it seems that the heal will only work if the ability actually reduces your health - I use the shield from Thick Skin’s passive to absorb the hit and the heal doesn’t go off.

I’ve been outright killed by it before, but if it’s not enough to eat through Thick Skin, it’s good to know.

Well, it’s a leech effect - I don’t have combat logs from Eblis himself but one of the E7 Incubi cast drink deep (between boss 3 & 4) and it hit me for 18k + 27000% leech. I don’t think Eblis’s is quite that strong but I had on the order of 10k hit -> 200k heal in E5, so I slot Beatdown to just avoid the question entirely. Perks of being hammer/shotgun, I have a couple free slots to do what I want.