Phoenix of the South quest



Hi, I´ve started this quest by entering the blessed caves, defeated the Shaman and used the flowers on the altar. The quest marker said I could defeat the monster, but a bug happened: I couldn´t attack the Blood Defiler. I´ve entered again, the quest mark is still saying to kill the demon, but when I fight the blood is still there and he refills his health. I cannot give up the quest to reset. What should I do? Thank you.


Have you tried clicking the big thing right next to the boss? The boss runs to his blood pool at 75% 50% 25% and you need to interrupt him by clicking that big thing that is clickable.


Do you mean the big red blood demon from the destinyquest?
Can you attack him? Just dont stop doing damage. After the 4th or 5th (?) time he was refilling his health he will not do it again.
You can also click on the altar besides the pool of blood to interrupt him while healing.

Correct me if im wrong :slight_smile:


The Blood Defiler returns to the blood pool three times to heal while you are fighting him. There are two ways to fight.

One, fight him outside the cave, away from his blood pool and allow him to heal completely three times before you DPS him down on the final fight.

Two, fight him inside the cave, beside the blood pool. However, you must be standing beside the standing stone, not the serpent statue. Each time he goes to heal, click on the standing stone and interrupt his healing. This is the faster way, but may require that you use more potions.

I hope this helps!



If you are still having trouble with this, there is a known issue with the encounter that a GM can assist with in game. Please feel free to /petition in your chat bar and we’ll get in touch as soon as we can.



Thanks for the update!



Working as intended. After he kicks you and heads back to his blood pool, click on the column next to the blood and it stops him from healing.


This is true. Most players are able to “rectify” their instance on their own. There are a few situations where players have truly broken instances. The main problem is that it’s impossible for a player to know this on their own. Our Developers are looking at making these situations more clear to the player and fixing the base issue.


I have a bad connection, so sometimes the Latancy makes things worse for me, just for some something simple like clicking on a something.

in this fight I fight it out, I just pull the demon back, so during his run time back, is plenty of time to REST, and have full HP/Mana/Stamina, on his return. It will be 3 returns before he stops going back.

I go as far back, around the corner, to the room on the right, sometimes further (a tiny bit), Ranged characters can start hitting damage earlier

I had troubles clicking , and that was my only solution to completing that Mission