Help! Destiny Quest: Blessed Caves corrupted (Unable to interact with Blood Defiler anymore)

Help! My Age of Conan Destiny Quest seems to have become corrupted.
When I first entered the Blessed Caves, I did not manage to slay the Blood Defiler (keeps re-healing itself.) after a few attempts.). In fact I got killed several times. Then I decided to teleport out using Path of Asura back to Khitai and increased my levels.

When I re-entered the Blessed Caves yesterday, I was able to interact and fight with the guards, but I cannot interact with the Blood Defiler anymore (not clickable), & also the regrown Lotuses. I also was not able to delete the quest & restart.

Please help!

Just restarted, when I re-killed Cultmaster near Sacrificial Table, the Blood Defiler became clickable again. Seems when I re-enter this Blessed Cave I must kill the re-spawned Cultmaster 1st. Note that after that you must also click on the sacrificial table before returning to Blood Defiler, else he is not clickable.

Atlantean artifact seems to be not clickable: You must click near the right side (top view) of the artifact.