Destiny quest missing

hello, now I have a character of 69 lvl, I did all the fate quests in tortage, when I needed to talk to Riederch in Chimeria at lvl 30 - I ignored this, now I decided to return to this quest, talked to Riederkh, he told me to look phoenix of the south in Heshtate (in the journal the quest “blood and sweat” is completed) But Anata in Heshtat does not talk to me on this topic, and I cannot continue the quest line. Can someone help with this?

not sure where “Heshtate” is, but Anata is in Khopshef

sorry, i was wrong ) in Khopshef)

If you are still having an issue, are you able to link a picture of the quest step and the npc dialogue?

Hello Halfdead. I think i know why i had this problem, at the moment when i talked with Riederch - my premium account was over (but i didn’t know about it) and i had 34/30 active quests at that time. But how to fix it?

Either resub or you’ll have to delete some quests to get under the limit.

You need to start a petition to recover the lost quest.

I already subscribed, but the quest remained lost, only the petition remains, thanks for the advice )

Did you by any chance talk to Anata befor, and your next quest step is to find the cave? Have you tried to enter it? The quest text is not specific about talking to Anata, only about having to find the piece.

I tried to enter the cave, but i can’t because there is no quest

It is a known bug : if a quest updates and moves to the next step when your quest journal is overflowing (likely after a subscription expires, you can end up with 31/30 quests or more), the quest updates but also disappears from the journal. you cannot delete the quest to take it back from the quest giver, the only solution I know is a petition to get it back.

Thanks for the informative answer Cappa) I already wrote a petition. And how long do people wait for a response in such cases?

few days if lucky, up to few weeks i guess ?