Destiny quest missing

Hello, I made a petition nearly 3-4 days ago with my toon, a ranger lvl 72 (now) named Soshaya.

I have made yet the quests for Phoenix North, South & East.

Few days ago, I wanted to focus on the rest of Destiny Quest… and I noticed it was missing in the Quests Logs…

I can’t do anymore the Destiny Quest, so I wanted to ask you if you can do something about that, check it, solve it, etc.
Even if needed, totally reinitialize that Destiny Quest if necessary.

I would enjoy to be able to finish it with this toon, I have enough equipement to not have the “mood” to remake that toon from the beginning of Lvl 1…

BTW, “no” : I did NOT cancelled the Destiny Quest myself. It really just disappeared.

And I was waiting ingame for ages, playing my Toon while waiting for a GM to answer the petition. But, I also can’t spend H24 like this.

I hope I will receive some help & even more to see that issue solved in a positive way.

You yourself can not delete the destiny quest.
First question: Did you check your entire quest journal? Every singel quest? From what you said your last step should have been getting the phoenix of the east, after which your trainer should have send you to Croms Rock in Lacheish Plains. You should find the quest under: Cimmeria - Lacheish Plains.
If you have already been to Croms Rock, the quest should be under Aquelonia, King Conans Castle now.

I have yet the Phoenix of the East, but I remember very well to not have been to the Croms Rock.

I have not the quest under Cimmeria - Lacheish Plains & I have not any other reference on my Quest Log about the destiny quest.

And my Cimmerian trainer doesnt propose it to me anymore.

Also, an information that must really be capital : I was a Sub player in the past & now I am a Free to play one.
That means that the Quests limit is now for me 30 quests max in the Log.
I have been in excedent like 34/30 quests.
And I read that also when such situation happens, the Destiny Quest may disappear as a bug.

That IS the problem : any quest that updates when the journal is overflowing does not show anymore. you need to petition to have a GM give the quest back.
Also, delete quests until you get under 30 so you don’t break any other quest.

I see, you probably lost the quest due to the overflow of quests. Petition is the way to go then, if you describe what you are missing you do not need to be online, from my experiience the GM should be able to restore the quest for you even while you are offline. Also, what Cappa said, delete unimportant quests.

Yes, I did it : i still at 29/30 to permit a GM to restore the lost destiny quest.

Yes, I did deleted overflow quests, I will stay at 29/30.
It’s a very good new if a GM can restore the lost destiny quest while I’m offline or with other toon connected.
Because waiting it’s very hard. Well, not waiting, but waiting without any perspective of “how much time” is hard.

Can any admin give me some perspective about the average time for the petitions usually being answered?
I can understand that there are not so many potential GMs, but would be great to have some idea.

For Godsake, nobody “official” can give a damned answer?

Nobody official reads this forum. In game petitions can be 1 day to a month.

Email response is around 2 weeks to 3 months.

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