[Bear Shaman] Destiny Quest

I’ve lost all my quests. Currently im al lvl 34. Finished everything in Tortage. Made it to Khemi. What is the destiny quest there? Not sure what I should be doing now.

cimerian or khitan ?

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What race is your character?

As to the Destiny Quest, all the races do the same one’s, it’s just their races quest giver that’s different.

In Khemi (if you’re Stygian) the quest giver is just up from the pier you land on, right hand side under an awning.

Not sure how you made lvl 34 while in Tortage, but if that’s what happened and you’ve just left Tortage and are in Khemi for the first time, you’re way overleveled for the area and the quest giver indicators won’t show.

You’re best bet is to go online and google AoC Khemi quests / quest givers to find them. When you leave Tortage the only quest you carry over is to see your destiny guy, so doing the Khemi quests will lead to having you do quests in Khopsh Providence.