Destiny quest lost

Please help. I have submitted a petition (2 months ago) and have sent an email to funcom support and still have not received some kind of answer or help for my problem. I have a 12 year old character created in 2008. It’s undergone several server merges from my original server Tyranny. My main problem is I’ve lost my destiny quest and it’s not in my completed quests in my journal. My mark of Acheron is gone and I still cannot access King Conans castle. I’ve had GM’s fix a problem in which I was missing spells from my spell book but for some reason can’t get correspondence in my quest issue. Gm’s allegedly sent my petition to a character specialist but I"ve not heard from them. Going on 3 months now. Any help I can get for this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Try updating the character at the Chronicler of Deeds

After, you may need to revisit some raids and bosses for those achievements

[12-years is before the achievement system and Chronicler of Deeds is there to help]

You were still able to enter king conan castle before the achviements got implemented. Does not sound like this would fix the user’s problem.

What level is this character? Perhaps you have the destiny quest without knowing. Some get hidden in a different category. It sounds highly unlikely that the quest itself would dissapear unless it was affected by a bug 12 years ago.

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And, are you a returning player discovering this issue?

[Access Passes can be a clue, too, because they will not work without completing Tortage Destiny quests. That would determine if the bug is from origin or another stage.]

Game Director Letter 2015

We’ve added a new NPC in each major hub, known as the Chronicler of Deeds. The Chronicler of Deeds will award you with any major achievements that you have previously gained that are impossible to repeat – and he’ll let everyone know about the titles you’ve gained whenever you pass by.

I’ll try the chronicler of deeds but in the meantime, here are some answers to questions asked.

  • Yes I am a returning player and my character is level 80. My account had 8 level 80 characters when I stopped playing 10 years ago. The weird part is out of 8 characters only 1 had any gear left on it. My Necro still had its pvp gear and a few items in its inventory. Everything else was gone including completed quests in the journal.

  • Out of all the other characters this ToS that is having the issue seems to be missing veterans tokens. The only thing I may have purchased with veterans tokens are the 3 hub city paths and veterans path. The rest of my characters and even ones I’ve created since coming back have 233 veterans tokens a piece.

  • Out of the 8 that I had, I’ve only kept 3 that I still play. They were of course stripped of any and all items and the only thing that seems they kept after all the server merges was their AA points. Everything else was gone, characters naked. Quest journals were also clean with no record of ever completing a quest. However those 2 (a Demo and a HoX) were not level 80. They were 30 something and 49. I leveled them up since returning.

  • Out of the 4 that I kept, the other 3 (Necro, Hox, Demo) I’ve petitioned to get my destiny quests back as they were all also locked out of King Conan’s castle. The GM put them back on starting island so I could pick up the quest from Casilda and re-do the destiny quests. Every of the Original 8 that I returned to were all missing Marks of Acheron and were unable to enter King Conans castle. I just re-rolled all of those ones and didn’t petition them. But for some reason Roobios said they couldn’t simply put my ToS back on starting island and they escalated the issue to a “character specialist.”

  • I"m ok with never getting any of the gear back for my ToS, that isn’t my issue. However I’d like to be able to do the Khitai portion of Conans quest with it but am unable to even get in the throne room. Like the other 3, simply being put on starting island would be enough. Rise of the Godslayer was new when I unsubbed years ago. And if memory serves me that is when the AA was implemented. This ToS has quite a few AA that I put on it years ago that I don’t want to just re-roll and start over with no AA.

  • Lastly I tried visiting the chronicler of deeds the only thing it did was update my achievement log to show that I level through 20-80 and give me the AP I was missing. I still have no access to King Conans throne room even though I have the quest called “Summoned” which is supposed to have me talk to King Conan.

So does anyone from funcom moderate this forum? I see I’m getting just as much response here then from the in game petitions and emails.

So, the in-game petition is still open and you haven’t gotten a response since the last one where you were being transfered to a character specialist? You could try updating the petition again to get it back in the queue. Email support can take over 3 months. And you are not likely to get an official response via the forums.

Thank you for your response, I appreciate it. I have in fact updated the petition 3 or 4 times in the past 3 months now that I opened the petition. Each one has got a response for Roobios telling me there is nothing a GM can do, and wait for a character specialist to contact me. I gave the forums a shot hoping someone else had a situation like this that had it fixed that maybe I could use. Just a shot in the dark basically.