Missing Destiny Quest line missing

Hello. I have a level 35 cimmerian bear shaman. When in a week or so ago all of my quests were missing. I’ve gotten most back but I’ve lost my Destiny Quest line. I don’t know were to go or how to find it again. Any help with this issue would be great. I have completed everything in Tortage. I’m in Conarch Village now.

Please help and thank you for your time.

The Destiny Quest should be in your Questlog under Cimmeria → Conarch, first step when you finished Tortage is to talk with Riderch in Conarch on level 30.

when you check the [completed] or [cooldown] quest tab and close the menu, your ui is stuck on that page. that may be the reason you dont see quests. head back to your quest journal and select [quests x/y].

I’m level 35 and I can’t talk to Riderch. He has no quests or anything to say to me.

I did that and no new quests popped up. I still can’t talk to Riderch and I don’t know where to go.

did you follow the destiny quest (lvl 30) to kopshef province? if not it may be easier to seek guidance ingame via nph or global chat.

Let’s take it step by step. So you finished your destiny questline in Tortage nightmode, you killed Strom and were ported to your hometown Conarch. First step now is/was to talk to Riderch and he sends you to Khopshef province in Stygia to talk with Anata and she sends you to the Blessed Caves where you have to kill the Blood Defiler. This is more or less the level 30 destiny quest and the next step will be on level 50 where you have to talk to Riderch again and he gives you instructions for the next step.

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