Destiny quest bugged (Awakening I)


Currently I’m playing a Bear Shaman and I have a problem completing a quest during Tortage Night (Awakening I), I picked up the bloodroot, I was on my way to give the bloodroot to Si-Khu when weirdly another Bear Shaman level 22 (I forgot his name it was Akkirra or something like that) he passed me and spoke to Si-Khu before me and the bloodroot disappeared from my quest inventory and the question mark above the head of Si-Khu is now grey instead of yellow…, strange normally Tortage Night is supposed to be solo only, so how could another Bear Shaman be there ??

I went back to the bloodroot but I can’t interact with anymore, so I’m stuck in my destiny quest and I can’t go further …

What to do besides talking to Belesa and Bypass the destiny quest or delete my Bear Shaman (which I do not want to do)

Wow, that sounds weird, two people being in the night quest instance. Sounds like something went very wrong and bugged the destiny quest since you are not supposed to do it with 2 people, did you send a petition already?
Also, did you try to leave the night instance, log out for some time and then tried to click the bloodroot again? Maybe the instance will reset and the flower will be useable again.

Hello, sorry how to send a petition? And yes I already tried to leave the night instance, I also log out for some time, but I when I went back the bug still there, and I can’t click on the bloodroot anymore it’s not clickable anymore.


For petition type: /petition in the chat window. Make sure you click “submit” twice when you’re finished. That is the strangest bug I think I’ve heard of. Good luck

I know you don’t want do delete but I think it might be the fastest way to solve your issue. Based on the destiny quest you’re low lvl. Nowadays petition or ticket for customer support takes too long.

This might be on account of support team being unable to log in with all of the bugs tossed into their faces. :smile:

The easiest way is to delete the toon and begin a new one. With 30% membership bonus you will reach the same level more quickly than with a petition.
BTW: If you do not want to lose saved silver or any tradeable goods you can send them to a twink, as the mail can still be received even when the sending toon has been deleted.