What do I do with bugged quests?

H, I have several quests that are bugged mostly because of interaction with other players. I put in a request for tech help 10 days ago and got no response. Is there a way to reset the bugged quests? I know they are bugged and I am not an idiot so don’t tell me I did something wrong or didn’t do something I needed to. I went on-line and looked at the solutions to the quests and they just won’t progress. One Where I have to kill the boss in Egypt , Arbeh I had killed him only to die from poison a second later. I didn’t get the quest and I can’t get back in the temple to fight him. Does the support for this game work? Does it usually take more that 10 days to get a response?

There not normally that slow to reply though it’s been a while since I have requested help from support. I trust you used the in-game /petition command to report. Since the mission you mentioned is one from the main story line it will likely require a manual fix from a GM. However some missions can be reset or corrected by pausing the mission in the mission journal and picking it up again.

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It usually takes less than 24 hours to get a response, but players often don’t realize that you have to click on submit twice to actually send a petition.

As for getting back into the temple fight the Arbeh. You get in exactly the same way you got in the first time… by killing the four mini-bosses outside to get their buffs to get you through the barrier.


Gee that’s a minor but important detail isn’t it. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I have all the bugged ones paused, there’s 6 or 7, and I’ve gone back and tried to finish them but they won’t update.

Thanks, you’ve been very helpful. gonna try that right now. :slight_smile:

Kill the four Keepers outside the Tourist Temple - don’t oneshot them though - and when you have all four buffs, you can go back inside.

Try list the rest and at which step they are bugged. Maybe someone on here have had a similar bug and know a way to ‘fix’ it without support =). As for support, being european, they usually respond Within 24h, but it might take a couple tries if they need me to be online to fix it. In that case they leave a reply to my petition, which I need to update.

If it’s been several days since you submitted your petition, you may need to reopen the petition interface (/petition) and check if a Game Master left a message for you on your petition. They’ve most likely asked you to update your petition when available to speak with a GM directly, or left other instructions for you.

Your petition can also be updated through this interface to “re-open” it, which you may need to do if you have an issue we couldn’t help you with while you were offline. I’m sorry for the trouble!

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One thing to be aware of here is that the guides out there often are for TSW. When we transitioned to SWL some missions changed making guides unreliable in some cases, especially when it comes to progressing them.

So please, list the quests and the tier you’re stuck at, might be we can help. And even if it is a bug, many of us knows how to get around them.

Just want to confirm this from a player side. Some quests can bug out in ways that GMs can usually fix by working with you while you are online (if a quest has for some reason gone to a blank tier state, for example; The Cost of Magic served as a super annoying object lesson for me and the GM handling it, but they figured it out after a couple of tries), but simply cannot fix while you are offline.

What’s generally offline-fixable is if you are for some reason missing a quest inventory item.

Be as specific as you can be in your petitions to facilitate possible offline fixes. For example, saying “Fatal Framing is bugged” may just get you a response asking for details; actually saying “I cannot progress Fatal Framing because the camera is missing from my inventory” (which is a common issue with that mission) will almost certainly get said camera added to your inventory while you’re offline.

If you’re reasonably certain a bug needs “live” attention, list your likely play times for the next couple of days in the petition; that might help the GM team set reminder/priority flags for your ticket.