Shadows of the Past - Soul Stone

FYI mainly.

Was running Shadows of the Past Tortage part today. Made it to the 3rd Soul Stone going up towards the top of the ruins.

I destroyed the Stone right at the same time I died. When I went back up the stone was not targetable (0 hit points) but it was still birthing NPC’s and the flames up on the top were still up blocking the way to the final area.

The system didn’t register the ‘kill’, probably cuz I died at the same time, making the quest unfinishable. Didn’t feel like doing an ingame petition and waiting around and quite frankly was surprised I made it that far on a lvl 28 so I just punched out.

Resetting the instance might fix it for you. Annoying bug to have though.

Without a doubt it would, but after getting almost to the end of a long quest … kind of a pain.

I had logged out while in the instance, so I logged back in to see what would happen. My Quest still showed 2/3 stones destroyed. Came in beside the OT Tortage Smuggler so I hit him again. Ported in to right inside the Ach. Ruins with all the NPC’s and Soul Stones back so I ignored the NPC’s I could and all the Stones and made my way to the first friendly Pict you’re suppose to talk to. None of the friendly Picts would talk to me again, the gate to the inner camp was open so I headed towards the rez pad, but the Shamen wouldn’t put me back into the Shadow realm.

So I decided I’d look at this as an XP farming expedition (and playing in the normal night was easier on my eyes than the black & white shadow realm) and headed up the Ruin stairs. Had to destroy the stones as I went to drop the black blocking fire to the next area and when I destroyed my first one, the Quest log updated to show 3/3 stones destroyed.

Had to destroy the next 2 any way but finally made it up to confront Strom. I wish I could have defeated him and the Soul guy cuz I would have liked to see if it would have given my the end rewards, but Strom spanked me good each and every time I tried so I gave up … 3 levels higher than when I started so all was not a waste.