Shadows of the past

Is this even possible?
I made it to the final double boss and couldn’t cope with it. I can only spend so many hours dying for the same result a night.

I leveled up, came back after several end task reloads… aaaaaaaaaaaand they’ve leveled up, and now it’s even MORE difficult.

Why did I spend money on p2w gear TWICE (first time at the battle of torage because WHY??? WHY DID YOU DO THAT??) if all that’s going to happen is… this? At least sell me the extra cheats. I could use some tips on this one folks. At least in D&D online I can default on my mortgage for spirit cakes to get by (which is why I quit that hot mess). This is a bit obscene.

I fell in love with this game right away, and now I’m about to kick it to the curb. Why, devs… WHY, why are all dev’s the same… Game no fun, no play game. Simple as that.

I think you probably missed some of the mechanics of the fight, because it’s not really that difficult, and definitely you don’t need the best gear to deal with it.

Also, at what level are you doing it?

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I am guessing that this is a real honest learn to play moment…

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I havent played in over a year but the way I used to do it was clear everything from that upper level. Every mob. I would try to keep the boss in a general area to drop his crud. don’t stand in the crud he drops in the ground. Try to keep him CC’d. Same with the boss that comes after, don’t stand in front of him when he does a certain spell that I can’t remember the name of atm. Use that entire upper level to move about if needed.

I’ve done it on 2 Rangers (can’t remember what the lvl was on my main, but the 2nd ranger is only lvl 43 now and I did her a couple of years ago) and just last night on my lvl 50 Necro (which leveled up to 52 by the time I was done).

So One Big Question is what level and what class are you trying to do the quest on?


  • Make sure your equipment is as high as your level.

(I haven’t played in over a year when I decided to do my Necro yesterday and struggled through the first half in the sewers, only then did I take a look at my equipment and saw I still had some lvl 20 gear gear etc… Quite a mismash. So I did some shopping at the Trader and swapped out so I was running high 40’s and 50 gear for the 2nd part.)

  • Load up on the best Health / Mana / Stamina potions you can do.

  • For that end fight, just attack Shadow Strom beat on him - pop health pots - kite him while healing back up - attack him again. Each follow on version of him gets easier and the final boss doesn’t start the fight until you’re ready; so take the time to rest / fully heal up before taking him on.

  • And like it’s been said, stay out of the crud he drops.

Today I’m going to do it on my lvl 66 ToS and don’t anticipate any problems.

It’s very possible I missed something. I ain’t young anymore, and my game time is right before bed time. No other time I can sit down to piddle. Ran it at 27 this last time, 22 I think the first time (were I then ran out of time, logged out, and having to go back in anyways, I decided to level up a bit.) Found some sandy lot that had good XP and higher level mobs that weren’t a problem, so I took advantage of that.

Up to that point it’s not real bad, thin the heard, whack the stone.

By the time I get to the top of the steps with big man and the shadowstone, it’s pretty much all she wrote. I try to take out axe man and I don’t have enough survivability left / get stoned to death (if I don’t mess up and get thrown off the ledge lol), and if I did take him out first, shadow stone would just zap hip back to life anyway I’m guessing. I try to focus on the stone and I’m out of heal me’s before I can get that last whack in, except now that I’m a higher level they all have more stats to them vs me with my same gear, so I’m kinda stuck.

Are those critters weak to anything at all?
I pretty much just find myself spamming ‘smite’ vs doing a 'whack these days.

Thanks for the reply, btw.
I appreciate it.

Thanks, sir.
I appreciate it.

I’ll give that method a shot next time I get a chance to sit down.
To answer your question, Aquilonian - level 27 priest of Mitra.

Don’t forget CCs are your friend for Shadow Strom.

For the final battle IGNORE the SoulStone. Just take care of Shadow Strom. As you hurt HIM, it hurts the stone. (Totally backwards from all the other stones I know.) When his 3rd version dies so does the stone.

Yes, you have to ‘kill’ him 3 times, BUT he’s only at 1/2 health the 2nd time and 1/4 health the 3rd time. If you’ve cleared that top level after you kill him run back around the corner to put some distance between you and the stone. This morning I did it on my ToS and was just straight back from the stone against the wall and had enough time to hit REST and heal up before his 2nd version came back and made it to me to start the fight.

I don’t know what self heals the PoM has, but I used all of mine on my ToS.

A ToS has 3, 2 short term that trickle in points and a Jolt one what gives you a 1000 back and I was using all of them pretty much each fight. Plus I burned through 10 Health and Mana pots in the Sewers and another 60 each after moving to Tortage for the 2nd half.

If you start with 99 of each you need you should make it to the end with some left over.

Also, you can get some ‘out of combat’ time between respawns, especially if you fight far from the stone, so if you spam the Rest ability between, you should be able to regain hp.