Endgame should be endgame

Somehow i feel like the Obsidian Weapons are not worth at all. I mean, they’re looking good and stuff. But if i look at the damage and the durability of them, i think the efford is not worth gathering them.

Why do i say that?
Well, it’s pretty much easier and faster to get Teliths weapons and Silent Legion Armor. Aside the fact that the Armor will help you to keep alive in the volcano. And Teliths Weapons are much stronger than the Obsidian. If you want a good shield, you can craft the Bone Dragon Shield, for that you sadly don’t have to beat the undead dragon. :/. Well… my Cimmerian Battleaxe do have nearly the same amount of durability as the one handed Sword of Obsidian, even if the axe do not have the amound of damage.^^. So i think all Obsidian Weapons do not have enough durability as they should have for end-game-equip.
The same with the Star Metal, that is much harder to farm.

Sure. The Bossequip from the black keep is meant to be End-Game. But for that, the Dungeon or atleast the Boss should be much harder to beat in my Opinion. Aside the fact, that you don’t have to kill the Boss to learn the recipes. -.-

I Know this Game is made for the PvP. But it shouldn’t be that easy to get the good stuff.^^

I killed the Boss in the black keep solo with my Cimmerian axe, a reptilian armor and a iron shield… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Should not be possible in my opinion.

Atleast it should be hard enough to require a group of five or more to kill the bosses. Otherwise it’s not neccessary to create a clan.

(For offline soloplay all this can still be that easy as it actually is)

These are just my opinions.

AND sorry for my bad english. :stuck_out_tongue:


What difficulty was the game set to? If it was normal you should bump it to hard. From normal to hard is almost night and day in terms of difficulty. I have found a lot better weapons and shields in the legendary chest so far and once you kill a boss and have extra keys there are plenty of chest you can loot without aggroing them.

I did this on an official server. Now i got my own, cuz the officials are way too easy… I set it to the hardest i could. But you know what? They just have more life and more damage. But you can dodge all the attacks pretty easy. :confused:

The Bosses should have and require more mechanics. So maybe the Boss itself do get some ragemode after 50% of his life and do his attacks pretty much faster and stronger. And some new attacks would be nice.

Then some things the group have to do, like activating something that the Group is able to do damage to the Boss. Stuff like this. And not to forget, that you have to kill the Boss before you can learn the recipes. That would be awesome and a good challenge for the most people out there. :slight_smile:

Please don’t make this game into World of Warcraft =(

Many games have interactive room mechanics to damage/hinder bosses. It’s not a WoW thing its a better performing boss.

I agree that depending on how many people, or server settings, bosses should have additional abilities and/or stages to shake the fight up to not be predictable. Messing with health and damage isn’t creative enough to make players enjoy a boss fight and ultimately doesnt up the difficulty as one may think.

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Ideally, boss monsters should be inspired from Monster Hunter where they have many difrent attacks which may or may not oneshot you should you miss your chance to evade/block. Adding tight hitboxes that would let you dodge certain attacks by ducking or even from one of your attack or taunt animation frames and breakeable parts/limbs as well as the option to mount it and whack it while it desperately tries to fling you off… But that’s impossible for this game. XD

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I’d like to see some Demon’s Souls or Dark Souls difficulty when it comes to bosses. I wasn’t very good at those games but the fights were fun and interesting. The boss fights here, sadly, are not.

Upping the game to ‘hard’, unfortunately, only lengthens the fights. It does not add any real challenge or make the fights any more interesting. Some bosses spam 1 move, over and over. Or a single 4 hit combo. All that makes them a ‘boss’ is higher HP and damage…

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What would suck about 1-shot mechanics is the boss would ready up, you’d dodge… and rubber band back into the instakill

I know… Not saying it’s doable for this game, saying it more in the hopes to help the devs come up with their own solution. What’s ideal isn’t always what’s possible. If they could achieve something that would feel involving to that level, I would be satisfied.

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