Bosses Are Too Easy?

I’ve been killing dungeon bosses lately and my impression was that they are pretty weak, like the Witch Queen for example. I went into her throne room not knowing what to expect, while I had on some primitive cloth (mind you I’m lvl 57) and a steel spear with only 26 damage and managed to kill her giants & her, twice in a row, until my spear broke.

Is there any plans on adding really difficult 3-5+ man dungeon or raid content in the future? :smiley:

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The bosses and content in the game are SUPER simple. Honestly the dungeons need way more mobs and the bosses need to hit like a truck!


they mostly gives trash instead of reward so i think it’s balanced :frowning:

You’re right about 57, too OP for her. If you go in with the stats/points of LVL 45, wearing a low-end Darfari Skin Suit and using only the Ancient Hammer, you will have a very fun fight. This was about as much fun as I’ve ever had with bosses and disco lights.

Fair enough, and yeah the bosses can be difficult at the right level wearing the right armour & weapon, but I’m mainly talking about end-game I guess. Especially with all of the super epics at 60 which I can now finally craft, I don’t see anything too challenging to take on, or am I missing something? maybe something’s in the works, I don’t know.

World bosses that guard chests & drop skeleton keys are also a joke with below average gear, so they’re out of the question… I wonder if there’s an actual dungeon or raid planned, one that houses multiple mobs and bosses. Maybe some unique rewards from doing them, I’m not bothered if the rewards are only cosmetic or best in slot either.

I think your suggestions are on the mark, and yes as a dungeon at LVL 60 I think we both expect to be dazzled. That said, at 55 I started to really get some swagger and now I feel like “heck yeah a dungeon is nothing,” especially after human pressure. To me, this dungeon system could become a progression/training ground for various weapon types. Master the Witch with no bleed, for instance.

Again this is what’s so great about it, because a newer-to-the-game player @59 last night was hype to jump in there, then almost immediately reported his disappointment in the fight, and for where to put his new key. Some on the server said (gently) you’re pretty powerful for that dungeon. And I thought that was really cool and touching, in the way it was said. Like, “you’re much stronger than that now.”

I’m going to try similar limitations on the Remnant, and see if I can hone my skills with a wep with which I have little experience.

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I beat her at level 20 with the low grade Conan royal armor and a stone sword.

Hmm… Maybe. But all she does is use the same combo, repeatedly. She’s really easy even at level 15, naked, with stone daggers. She only uses basic axe attacks. She doesn’t act like a boss in any way, just a regular fighter with more HP.

The lights were a nice touch but really just brightened things up a bit.

The only boss that ‘acts’ like a boss is in The Black Keep. Everything else is a regular mob with more HP.
The Remnant too I suppose, but it’s still so easy after seeing its moves once. I think it only had three attacks.

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The only one I had a little trouble with was the Undead Dragon, which I think is supposed to be the Last Boss of the game, given the order in which the staff suggests you obtain the items needed to escape the Exiled Lands.

However the Black Keep / Barrow King still give the best rewards for defeating them, and they are quite easy.

The Undead Dragon though has a fair amount of HP and does hit very hard, especially his breath attack, but if you can get under his belly you can sort of glitch fight him. I feel he is the only boss designed to not be fought alone, but you can still kill him alone fighting smart.

Honestly my biggest issue was avoiding the respawning skeletons as I chipped away at the Undead Dragon’s Health, they caused enough of a distraction to allow it to get a few very good hits in on me.

Perhaps this fight is harder than it needed to be considering I didn’t use end-game armour to kill it, just the Conan Royal Armour, perhaps had I gone in some heavier stuff I could have taken it easier, like tanking Death Bringer in full Silent Legion.

Of course the other nasty effect of this guy is, that you need to run through quite a bit of corruption to get to him, so you’ll never fight him at full HP. I think all boss rooms and dungeons should slowly give you corruption to stop people playing the run away and heal game, give them pressure to actual win the fight in a reasonable time.

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When I fought him, I used Exceptional heavy Vanir, the un-epic set.
I stayed close and attacked with axe and shield, every breath attack he made went over my head.

I came with a dancer which cleansed my corruption so I had full HP.
(Dancers cleanse corruption faster than you can gain it, so you’re basically immune with a dancer nearby.)

Another time I fought him, I dropped down from the ceiling and had no corruption at all.
(You can climb down from the sink hole if you’re careful and you won’t get corruption if you stay away from the obelisk.)

Did you ever think that given there are only 40 spots on server there wont be many players grouping for 5’mans. I’d say it’s balanced well for solo. If you can’t solo the bosses then what point would there be playing the game and not enjoying all of the content. I’m more of a solo player and want to do everything solo. Dungeons where 5’mans are required i don’t mind but you have to ask yourself if most of the servers players are maxed levelled then how are the low level players going to get a chance to group in.

I am not saying totally eliminate group dungeons. I am asking to introduce more solo boss content and the best loot to also be solo achievable. I would hate to see this game turn out like other mmo’s where you have to go hardcore raiding and only be rewarded with special items because you happened to group up with people and have no clue about combat dynamics.

Yes maybe some areas need to be toughened up to make you think more and also use all IQ more precisely. But for those changes to occur just think about the current situation with only 40 spots being a “current issue” and how the dynamics of that affects others.


I’d actually love to see 5-man content as a solo player. Maybe those dungeons would prove a bit challenging.
(Talking about soloing them, of course.)

As long as it’s balanced well it could be a lot of fun.
Like back in FFXI, skilled players could solo or duo content that was designed for dozens of people.
It wasn’t easy, but it was a lot of fun. A single mistake could spell your doom.

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Have insomnia? Fight world bosses in Conan Exiles that will help you clearly.

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Doesn’t this boss look exciting?


Maybe she needs new glasses :stuck_out_tongue:


What about this one?

He swings 14 times and 11 of them fly over my head with no chance to hit me… Conan Exile bosses are just jokes. All but one or two anyway.


He’s actually one of the easiest bosses in the game. Just run under his chest and hide in his rib cage. Anytime he moves, just go right back down there. It was sad how easy he was to defeat.


Those videos were painful to watch. :scream:

I know it sucks that we can just bypass most of the bosses attacks by either standing -in-/under them, but personally I would love it if the bosses actually did dangerous abilities which could kill you (not exactly one-shot mechanics, though) if you’re not careful, and of course their targeting needs work from what I can see in those videos.

I had a similar experience, especially with the rhino world boss. I basically stood inside his chest and barely took any hits. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


So I guess it really comes down to “what is the game about?” And as I’ve heard Joel say a few times, this is a multiplayer sandbox. He’s even said specifically this is a PVP sandbox. So IMO all the singleplayer experiences in the world will be dull in comparison to the tricks humans can pull.

Any game can be cheesed. It’s easy to think about the great multiplayer games I’ve seen cheesed just to get through a tough level with no pals. To me, bosses will get worked out so that they’re tougher for all the l337 singleplayer people, but they mustn’t ever be a barrier to obtaining end-game stuff for solo/budding clan players. All about balance.

They must be competitive, at least a 75% of what single player games provides and drop really valuable loot, currently they’re so weak(even when game starts to lag and locks you to get hit) that i can’t remember any mele-weapon action game which would be easier: killing a quest monster in witcher requires much more attention, i don’t even talk about dragons dogma and souls series (daemon souls, dark souls, bloodborne) animations and view of bosses looks unique and awesome, so they should have unique weaknesses and strength or whole work of artist is going to be lost due to lack of any memorial moments during fight.

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