Dungeons underpowered!

Hello, first off this is a great game… we are all have allot of fun playing. And the world you’ve created is fantastic. However, please please please… add more of a challenge to the dungeons. It’s extremely easy to walk in, kill the handful of enemies and kill the underpowered boss. At lvl 40 I can solo the serpent man. To be honest I think I could have done this at lvl 30. A dungeon should be crawling with enemies to the point you would need a party to beat it. Case in point… dregs/abysmal has 5 skellies and 5 reptiles. Thats just weak sauce, not to mention the vastly underpowered boss. If I hear the term dungeon… I expect alot of resistance. But hey… I’m still having fun thanks for the great game!


I disagree, I don’t think every interesting step in that game should be a bloodbath, only doable in a team.

I think adding more wont fix it , i think extending the time it takes to complete on and reach a boss is what they should do. Traps and extra rooms , hell even random generated parts would be amazing.

The big thing to keep in mind is that people can play this all solo as well. If you make it a requirement to fight in teams, that will make it impossible for solo players/solo games. I totally get where you are coming from but what should be requested is more variety of dungeons. Some dungeons can be a solo adventure and others could require a team (or at least some dungeons that can vary based on whether it is online/offline and small server vs large sever.

solo have full control on multipliers and can edit game settings to fit their skill


That is true but I also mean solo players, who are not a part of clans on servers. Most likely they built out a general layout to try to fit everything, which is where dungeons of different difficulty comes in if they aren’t able to do anything else for whatever reason. The main point is difficulty of dungeons overall anyway.

Difficulty of a dungeon shoudn’t be difficult to control depending on if its solo or team , just by changing the enemy health and damage.

Dungeons aren’t instanced, they’re just elsewhere on the map. If you’re in a dungeon anyone else can come in even if they’re not in your clan. They utilize they same respawn mechanics as every other NPC in the game so there is no system where the dungeon is capable of scaling based on the amount of people who enter it.

there’s yellow lotus potion which allows to make build exactly for your needs, currently all dungeons and bosses instead of being competitive are exceptionally boring, due to huge health pools of bosses who can’t do anything to you because they are predictable as clock

Another problem with dungeons and mini dungeons is that they each pretty much only have one enemy type in them. Variety is the spice of life. Why only have frost Giants when you can mix in wolves and saber cats? Why have Silent Legionnaires armed with only one handed weapons when you can throw in great weapons, shields, bows and spears? Don’t forget undead attack dogs while we’re at it.

A few more traps and puzzles wouldn’t hurt. The only trouble is once you figure them out they loose the majority of their excitement.

I know solo players often decry the game as being too difficult. As a member of a marginally organized and active group I find the game has become painfully easy.


I agree with the above notions… thanks for the input from you all. But yes more traps/enemies would be nice, as you have stated dungeons are very painfully easy. And if you look at other games …dungeons can be solo’d even if they’re difficult… ie. place a bedroll just outside, difficulty problem solved! And how many times have you run into other players doing the same dungeon? Most servers have 40 players max and even on the 70 players, I rarely run into other people. What I’m getting at is the game has been released for about a month and a half and I have completed everything and done everything. Which creates an issue of longevity. I really like the game and I wish there would be more content… and harder dungeons to make the experience last.

On my server we cranked up enemy difficulty. It more about thinking about your move than just attacking. If you run into three wolfs, one of your best options is to run. Maybe find a PvP server like that?

Yea, the NPCs are a bore as well… they offer no resistance. Btw… what server are you speaking of.

Yggdrasil Tree of Life, on XBOX.

I like that there are almost no ennemies in the dungeons. In, say, WoW, the more annoying and boring dungeons were always the one filled to the brim with encounters, making them long, tedious, and not fun.

I liked how the Dregs was a litte puzzle, or Dark Keep a little maze. I would have liked more, though.

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The keep is good, haven’t ran through the volcano dungeon yet… Just haven’t made time. Dregs was okay. Witch princess was very underwhelming.

More dingeons like the keep, less like the others.

I don´t know why they remove the spiketraps at the black fortress :confused: it was funny…

Yeah, more enemies in dungeons and stronger bossed would be great. We might not have magic yet but the bosses should have.

There also should be something that prevents you form just running trough the dungeons. It is okay if you can do most of it solo, as long as you don’t aggro to many enemies at a time but it should be harder to do!

I’m just not sure how to do this in the best way? Dungeons look amazing in this game and i want the black armor to be an true achievement that can only be gotten when you have defeated the boss!

Even a team won’t always want to do the same things everytime, there will be time one wants to do something and the others do their own things.

This isn’t an mmo where all classes in the team can buff each other and thus it promotes team composition of x people with specific classes to finish a dungeon, it’s also not an instanced dungeon where many different groups of people can enter the same dungeon but in different instance of said dungeon, it’s all shared and based on respawn.

- The Dregs : the thing is you can run the dungeon without kill any komodo or undead. Just rush and shoot the targets to raise the water level and go to the boss room and kill him with some snake arrows and he will never attack you.

Suggestions : hide key in random chest at first in the water to open the first gate. Add undead mini boss in other rooms with a key to loot on his corpse to be able to proceed and maybe some squeleton spawns to help the boss untill he’s not dead. Finaly why not a really deep and dark room underwater to force the player to craft a breathing potion and glowing stick in order to find the final hidden key to open the boss room.

- Palace of the witch queen : too easy, I beat her with stygian spear, hyrkanian bow and snake arrows.

Suggestions : laser beams should one shot player, and statues should be invincible, we should bring them into laser to stun them and be able to damage them few seconds. Finaly, the queen is just a warrior with an axe… it smell like not finished boss. She should have magic spells (kb like a Jedi, fireballs and stuff) and a staff.

-The black keep : undead legion hit hard but it’s not enough. The maze-like is nice, but they removed all the traps… And boss it’s just ridiculous, too slow, we can stuck him in the scenery and kill him with some snake arrows. We can take all the silent legions recipes without kill the boss.

Suggestions : add more variety of undead as someone said before like dogs, zombies (weak but numerous and stack bleeding). Add some traps, not too much like before but a few anyway. Boss should be faster or add a dash or teleport on player with a 15 sec cooldown or something like that. He should deflect arrows because the armour is really heavy (or why not deflect arrows with his sword?). He should have a resistance to all cutting weapons (daggers, sword, axe, spear) because of the armor, to force player to use blunt weapons.
Last but not least : we should be able to learn recipes only if we killed boss, like an extra room that opens when he die.

- Volcano: the only difficulty is the smithing room with the 4 votarie guys and the serpent-man who hit hard and have lot of HP. You can run the rest and learn the recipe by ignoring the boss. However the dungeon look great.

Suggestions : add more dangerous jump above lava. Close some parts of the dungeon with doors that we have to kill a gatekeeper to find key. Add horn alarm when we enter important rooms and wave of mobs arrive. And finaly make the boss difficult. He die on his throne just after the shield is down ! wtf? He should stand and show us his real acient power !