Lost journeys & some knowledge

Almost done with all of my journeys, logged out last night and came back today. They are lost, says I haven’t done any of them. I was on the vault journey, but it says I haven’t done any, but I’m using a sigil from the vault. ??? How does that even happen? Plus I lost some of my knowledge that I’ve opened up. Now i have red boxes, when most of them were opened. I’m on a solo siptah server. What is going on?

Greetings Smokinbob73!
Thank you for reaching out to us and welcome to our forums!

In regards to the knowledge that you’ve lost, do you remember if it corresponded to the last recipes that you had unlocked recently?

We’ll be waiting for your reply!

Good luck getting any help. I have been having a lot of problems including what you describe. Get lots of suggestions but nothing works.

Yeah, nothing worked for me either. I just got more fragments & got my lost knowledge back. Not going to do journeys anymore though. Spent all that time doing them just to lose all my progress. It stinks!

Same thing just happened to me. Extremely upsetting as i just learned all knowledges and almost all journey steps complete except summon an avatar for the acolyte jouney

Greetings everyone and thank you for the time you took reporting this to us.

Could you kindly provide us with a screenshot of what shows up on your end? (ie. the journey tab being unfulfilled) If possible please provide us with a screenshot of the knowledge tab showing the red boxes around these.

Also, are you playing on Single Player or Online? If online, could you provide me with the Server number?

No. I was doing my journeys, logged out & came back the next day and they were gone. All my journey progress & quite a bit of my knowledge. Just gone. So depressing!

Thank you for your reply Smokinbob73!

Aside from the knowledge and the journey progression, did anything else disappear or was moved out of place that you may remember?

We’ll be waiting for your reply!

I don’t think so. It was all of my journeys that disappeared & part of my knowledge. I got more fragments & got my knowledge back. And what’s strange is that some of the stuff I earned from doing the journeys is still there. Like the improved tanners table, and I had used a sigil from the bat vault & it was still on me. I just don’t get how they can just be gone. (This happened on my solo server)

It happened to me a few timew now since my last post. Relearn knowledges then next time i play they are gone again. For example after it happenend the first time i relearned stone building soni coukd build a building. I then built the building. And the next day the building was still there however i no longer was able to build it.

That’s insane. I haven’t been back on that server yet. Kinda afraid of what’s going to be gone.

I went to use my map room but couldnt. I had to reattune to all the obelisks. That was the last straw for me. I said screw it and restarted. Which sucked. I put alot of hours into it. I had all but one journey step completed. And ALL non discoverable knowledges learned. Reminds me the first time it happened i had just obtained the last cooking recipe book. #II i believe it was.

It happened again on my new file so i deleted amd reinstalled the game. Hoping it doesnt happen again

Wow! I know that I put alot of time in it too. This is crazy. I just don’t get how all of our progress can just dissappear. It sux so bad! (I haven’t went back to my solo server, afraid of what might be gone. Been playing on my modded servers. If you would like to try on ours, just let me know & I can tell you what they are. We have one in exiles & siptah)

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