Not Getting Certain Quests

I’m on the Saga server and reached level 26 in short order. For some reason I’m not getting certain quests in Tortage namely Cimmerian Blue Steel and Gnawed Bone. Why is that? Do you stop getting certain quests when you reach a certain level?

It’s more likely that you missed a pre-requisite quest in the chain and when you figure out which it is then you can go to that quest giver to get you back on track.
As you have probably already found at some stage when you are above the quest level that the ! Marks indicating a quest is available disappears. We can’t turn them on … which is when you turn to the forums and old old websites.

The lack of ! isn’t the issue. Been playing this game for years and never had this issue until now. And these 2 particular quests you don’t need perquisite quests per se. Already completes the Stolen Treasures quest and for the Gnawed Bone, you have to have gone to the volcano the 2nd time in nitetime.

For Cimmerian Blue Steel you need to have completed “The Missing Cargo” quest chain from Redrick…but it sounds like you might have done that…
I’ve been searching for the quest “Gnawed Bone” but can’t find that. I’ll have a look when I get home in one of my characters to see if I can see it. There is “breaking the bones”. And another called “feeding the hungry” where you have to fetch a gnawed bone.
Edit: I looked and could not see anything that could help you. I hope others can be more helpful.

Cimmerian Blue Steel is a Underhalls Quest, Gnawed Bone is a White sands Quest.
It used to be that those area’s were locked to characters above lvl 25 (!). So maybe these quests still have some (hidden) limitations that were not removed when these area’s were “unlocked”. Or since you “out-leveled” them, the ! has gone now?

For Cimmerian Blue Steel pre-quests are The Legendary Turach and The Missing Cargo.
Gnawed Bone is given by Donus its official name Feeding the Hungry

I can confirm the “Cimmerian Blue Steel” and “Feeding the Hungry” quests in Tortage aren’t available after level 25. If your character’s level is 26 or higher, it’s normal you aren’t able to start them.

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