Reviving lower level quests on higher level toons

I was disheartened to find that I could not go back and finish Tortage on a couple of toons because you can not go beyond certain levels (I begged two GMs, lol). I like going back and finishing quests to complete the quest log as much as possible. It’s also great if you’re going back to get panoramas, treasure chests, and leaps of faiths, to pick up all the quests in the zone you hadn’t picked up before. I don’t think it’s game-breaking to activate these quests on higher level toons.

On a similar topic, I would love to have ! of different colours indicating colours of difficulty on the map itself. Red=difficult, orange=second most difficult, yellow=reasonable, green=easy, and grey=significantly easy. That way I can run around to the ! instead of checking every single NPC and ‘secret’ quest-givers (i.e., skeletons).

You can go back to tortage at any level.

They changed this like 4 years ago when Worldbosses started.

However there will be no quest markers but there are a few guides for the achivement things.

I am aware of that but what I meant is that there are apparently quests you can no longer pick up if you go back at a level higher than 26. I thought you could go back and finish all the quests Tortage had to offer.

The only quests you wouldnt be able to finish would be the destiny quests. Everything else can be done.

Can you give an example of a quest you can not pick up?
I am very pretty sure that you can do all quests, but you have to find them by yourself because there is no ! anymore.
Regarding quests in Tortage: Some of them need very certain pre-quests and circumstances to get them, also doable on lvl 80.
@Baritha: You can do all destiny quests at every level (well, once you have the needed level). You can do every destiny quest at lvl 80. You can even level to 80 still wearing the shackles from the beach, and then start your Destiny at Larangar.

@Kantakwa If you didn’t get and finish “A Deadly Message” or “Feeding the Hungry” for example, you cannot pick them up after level 26. I know because I tried to get them to complete Tortage on a higher level toon and petitioned a GM. Two GMs both said they cannot do anything about it. They said I could do “Tarisha’s Sacrifice” and “Tarisha’s Sorrow” but I talked to every single NPC in Tortage, including the Acheronian Ruins and White Sands Isle, and none would give me quests.

I know it seems trivial but some people like myself do like getting as many quests done as possible.

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GMs do not answer specific questions about quests, they just push you in the right direction.
It is possible to get and solve all of those quests. It is a quest for the achievements in Tortage, and many of us, me included, did this quest on our lvl 80 toons, not once, but many times.
But Tarishas Sacrifice is one of the hardest to get because of the many pre quests and pre steps. You need
All of Genzios quests
All of Bartholomos Quests
Tarishas Sorrow
All of Royos quests
15er destiny quest (virgin blood on the volcano) The Awakening 3
All of Donus quests
All of this quests need some pre quest/steps themselves.

Donus gives “Feeding the Hungry”, it requires some pre quests, too.

What makes the Tortage Quests so “complicated” is that they build on another - you need to know the people and their stories befor you can learn more about them and do more for them. In Tarishas case you need to know her lovestory befor you can even get the quest about it. You quickly level pass the required level and miss some of the presteps. In 99% of the cases people claiming they do not get Tortage Quests they just missed one quest that seems not to be contected with the issue - but actually is.

If you do not get “Feeding the Hungry” (pre quest to Tarishas Sacrifice) or “A Deadly Message” do all other quests you are still missing, and then try again. Total quest numbers so you can check how many you are are missing:
Archeronian Ruins: 10
City of Tortage: 17
Coastal Cave: 1
Tortage Island: 2
Tortage Underhalls Day: 13
White Sands: 15

Of course there is the thing about bugged characters - maybe something strange happened when you deleted a quest or something. If you need help trying to figure out what is missing, or maybe buggy, I am glad to help - I am a completionist myself and not beeing able to finish those quests, knowing everyone else can, would drive me nuts!



There’s actually 18 quests in City of Tortage because of the Smuggler’s Quest.

This is what I have and I cannot get the rest - which is “Feeding the Hungry”, “A Deadly Message”, “Tarisha’s Sacrifice” and “Tarisha’s Sorrow”. I should be able to get them from Donus, Royo, and then Bartholomo but I cannot even though I’m fairly certain I completed pre-requisites for the former. I know the last two can be tricky because of the many prerequisites though. I think my character may be bugged because I can’t see why I am not able to get them in the first place but the GMs won’t do anything about it since they say it’s due to a level requirement of 26 or below.

I checked half of my other toons and they seem to have completed the quests.

This one is a free 80 so she had to do Tortage from scratch. I thought this would be a good starting point to discuss issues. I just went all over Tortage including the Ruins on her and talked to all the NPCs (I don’t recall NPCs on Isle that directly give quests, just the bottle with the note). I was not able to pick up any extra quests from this screenshot. So in this case, I’m missing 1 City of Tortage, 1 Tortage Island (which actually makes sense because as a free 80, this toon did not get the chance to bring Casilda through), 8 Underhalls, and 6 White Sands quests. That is a bit of a bummer for me and I imagine would be for you as well since you understand the completionist mentality.

re: Tarisha’s Sacrifice chain
I suspect you are missing a quest. I just took a free level 80 that has done nothing in tortage - the game autocompleted the tortage destiny quest for the character… but that is all. And went through the chain detailed on Joharaoc & old forums up until Tarisha’s Sorrow without any problem.
so that’s in order:
a) Wisdom through Venom, from Valerius (x1019, y649, near nadini’s house)
b) Caught in the shadows from Royo
c) Xantia’s Wrath from Royo
d) Tarisha’s Sorrow from Bartolomo
e) Tarisha’s Sacrifice from Bartolomo

@Kwalya Were you able to just get one quest after the other? Or did you have to do more quest prior to them?
When we tried to figure out ALL pre steps for the achievement quests für a guide we for example did not get the quest from Royo and Bartholomo befor we dird not do the quests from Donus, Genzio, and the quest chain from Bartholomo. We used normally leveld characters.

The smuggler quest is under Cimmeria - Conarch Village on my cimmerian main character - did never check where it is on my other toons.
Archeronian Ruins: Tarisha’s Sorrow (Bartholomo)
City of Tortage: Feeding the Hungry (Donus), Tarisha’s Sacrifice (Bartholomo -Valerius)
Underhalls: A deadly message (Redrik)
This have to be the quests you are missing, as you said. My wild guess is that your first problem is Donus - we had the case that someone did complete everything like you did exept Feeding the Hungry, but did not get the Tarsisha’s quest. After finishing FtH she got them.
My second guess is a quest step bug - somethimes the quest as a whole is finished, but for some reason on some toons a queststep is not logged (e.g. “The Immortal Hand” is missing “The King awaits”-step and you can not get “Humble Beggar” without the help of a GM).
And for GMs claiming you can only do those quest below lvl 26 - that is bs. Tarisha is part of the achievements, if that was true all the people who did not do the quest would not be able to complete Tortages achievements.

@Kantakwa I completed the chain only those quests as listed… nothing additional. And I did this just prior to making the forum post.
It was a free level 80 from last years anniversary, so Funcom created that with the tortage destiny section completed.

Thanks for the information, Kwalya. Maybe thta is because of beeing a 80/autocompleted destiny quest? When the achievement system started we tried so hard to figure out all pre quests and steps, and tried that on various characters, all 30+, but all levelled normally. And we came up with much more pre-things than johara and what you just did…weird! Once we started questing none of us could do the quest chain as you described it. Perhaps FC changed it? I will try it out, too.
If you are interested, we gathered the information here - it is in german, but with only translating the keywords you should be fine (Vorquest = prequest)

But, all of this does not help splendits. Exept the fact that there is no level restriction on the quests.

This is on Kalmarna’s completed logs:

Acheronian Ruins: A Brother’s Vengeance, Caught in the Shadows, Fire for the Dead, Of Rotting Flesh, Remains of a Bygone Age, Spirit of Acheron, Tarisha’s Sorrow, The Pict Threat, Unholy Magic, Veil of Dawn

City of Tortage: A Name to Die For, Dead Meat, Empty Stalls, Garden of Cursed Mysteries, Junia’s Revenge, Ruins and Demise, Skeggi’s Fish, Tarisha’s Sacrifice, The Legendary Turach, The Mitra Clergy, The Shadow Brotherhood, The Smuggler, The Unwritten Law, Time to Pay, Treading Lightly, Wisdom Through Venom, Xantia’s Wrath

Coastal Cave: Red Hand Death

Tortage Island: Shipwrecked [no Casilda due to Free 80]

Tortage Underhalls Day: Gone with the Wine, Horror Beneath the Surface, The Halls of the Dead, The Prisoner’s Revenge, The Stench of Death

White Sands: Abandoned in the Halls of Fear, Breaking the Bones, Dry Times, Empty Reserves, Feathers for Quills, Grave Invite, pool of Black Blood, Queen of Punishment, Xan’s Bounty

City of Tortage Night: Letter to the King I, Letter to the King II, The Awakening I, The Awakening II, The Awakening III, The Battle of Tortage

Thirsty Dog Inn: Gaining Strength I, Gaining Strength II


Oh they changed this? It used to be you couldnt do them past level 26. Was this maybe changed when the worldboss system went live?

I do not know if we were ever prevented from taking the quests above level 26. The barrier to completing the quests would have been the entry into the zones as that was set at level 26 until the world boss events occurred.

I think the reason why I couldn’t complete the quests on the two toons is because of having finished other quests; once you finish those, you just can’t go back and do so.

As others have said you can go back and finish all the quests in Tortage at higher levels except the Destiny ones. The markers aren’t there but you can find them listed online or just talk to everyone. I have done it many times.

So, I had a quest issue again involving “A Deadly Message” (map quest) where I couldn’t pick it up from Redrik at all. This actually happened on the current Saga server! A friend who had just gotten that quest was able to share it with me, so I think I may have found the answer to my woes, :-).

Good to hear splitends! :slight_smile:

Hope everything will be fixed for you.

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