Tortage night mode

You know for the life of me I can not recall, after you leave tortage is it possible to revisit tortage night mode without rerolling a fresh toon? if so how do you get back?

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Yes, you can return to Tortage

A Smuggler in your racial ‘hub’ city can transport you, but smugglers in other cities will not work.

Yes I know how to get to Tina at the thirsty dog but she isn’t giving me the option to go back to tortage night. I thought maybe the option is on another npc.

When in the “Battle of Tortage” Ini you have spoken to Kalanthes (and been transferred to your homeland) you can no longer return to the night mode. When leaving the Battle of Tortage Ini before having spoken to Kalanthes (with a teleport coin for example) you can be transferred anew to Battle of Tortage by Tina, but no longer to the normal night mode. And, as long as you have not spoken to Kalanthes, the destiny quest chain cannot be completed.

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Thats what I was afraid of. Well No worries. Thanks

… Spreadicus, by chance, are you scouting sets?

OT Smuggler

Shadows of the Past - anniversary quest

Today - Gone Fishing :slight_smile:

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Hmm, How do you start this quest? My tortage smuggler in stygia isn’t offering me that quest option.

But yes I am shooting a scene in tortage night and this would be a tremendous help if I can figure it out :smiley:

Especially if it can be visited with other players.

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The Shadows of the Past quest opens during the anniversary events and begins at the ‘street urchin’ kid on the OT docks

Perhaps some of your cast did the quest and able to enter and get images or stream video for you to record?

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Do you know if this quest is shareable?


there are intervals; beginning in the ot sewers, temple of mitra, by smuggler to tortage night, acheronian ruins, up to the bat demon’s perch and exit to tortage

Thanks for the info I guess I’m just going to have to work around it. :+1::beers:

It is an anniversary quest, the anniversary is over and even if you still have the quest you can no longer access the playfields.

You can still speak to the Tortage smuggler in OT, even with the anniversary quest no longer running:

As long as you have competed the first part of the quest (outflow tunnnels etc.) and not completed the rest of it, you can do the Tortage part of it (even as a group, as long as members meet these conditions).

Of course there is no reward atm because the NPC is no longer present (will be back next year?).

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