Bug Blood Moon Beast


Like all conan players I was delighted with this new chapter of conan… the third at last. Today while I was on the new dungeon but something crazy happened…first I got stuck inside the new dungeon…then the bloodmoon beast spawned and killed both me and my thralls with one hit…really devs , I would like an explanation to all this … I lost my most precious thralls … and I don’t see how they can come back to life … I can not attach the screenshot of the log file because I am a new user but please contact me in pvt…

Thank you

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I share your pain.This just happened to me today as well. A buddy and I got into the dungeon and it did not phase after being attacked by the stone golems.

From what I understand, there is a time limit to the dungeon (ritual) and if you don’t complete in time, the demon is summoned and you go squish


It’s a time based dungeon unlike all the other dungeons we have where you can take it slow and widdle away at the bosses. This one makes you work, and i enjoy that challenge and for pve that challenge is refreshing to say the least. I haven’t yelped out loud while trying to use wraps and avoid getting hulk smashed in a long time and it feels pretty cool to be put in my place for once. I understand this may seem punishing to some people, but when you go in prepared it feels rewarding to beat.

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Same here. I brought two of my strongets thralls wearing Godbreaker armors. We rapidly laid waste of the spiders, then the golems. After that nothing happened. I circled the arena several times looking for a trigger of something but to no avail. I stood in the middle, tried through the barrier, moved around, nothing. I assumed at that point that the game script was buggy.

After a long moment, the flying hemorroid appeared and killed my two thralls instanly, then me.

Problem is the Sorc bugs out a lot and doesnt come down, Has happened to me 3 of the 6 times I have ran it, Only one of those times I guess was long enough to spawn the unkillable bloodmoon boss. Still really sucked though. With how buggy the sorcs are the bloodmoon should not be unkillable

It sucks donkey balls. My thralls are gone along with their Godbreaker armor sets…

Same here, lost my 2 best thralls amd horse with full inventory. 2 sets of gear etc… if this is a intended mechanic then there should have been a timer or warning. If there was i didnt see it. And btw, dont expect a reply from funcom, they have never replied back to me and nobody i know has ever had any luck getting help.

Hello everyone!

We are currently investigating this issue, but we need some help from you.

Could anyone that has been affected by this send us a video of getting into the dungeon and showing this behavior?

Thank you so much, everyone :smile:

My best thrall and favorite horse (7k hp and 9k hp) just got owned, one hit each. Thrall with 1800+ armor…
Should check the forums before adventuring in new contents.