New Dungeon. Second Boss doesn't come down

Was this not play tested? Also it bugged out and spawned 2 unkillable bosses which Wiped out 4 thralls and a horse. RIP

Update: Posted a video of the second attempted run. Same problem persisted.


I just lost a level 20 lianeele the same way.

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Same, just happened to me and a clan member. 4 thralls lost !!!

Went on global chat, turns out someone else experienced the same thing.

Please remove this dungeon now before players start losing more.


PC, Official, Steam

Entered dungeon, NPC triggered, killed him, obtained magi skull.
Golems activated, killed them. Could not pass thru purple barrier. We hung out.
NPC 10 min later spawned in center, killed him.
Undead horde spawned killed them.
Blood Moon Boss spawned in, hit him twice, then screen froze for both of us, next thing we know I spawned in on the starting road, clan member spawned in at her bed.
Thralls dead, no record on event log, not in follower list.


You are aware the unkillable boss is part of the timed mechanic of the instance… sucks you’re dealing with a glitch but atleast be aware of what you’re saying lol


a mechanic that destroys & steals all you take into the dungeon? Sounds like a dumb-ass mechanic that was not thought through. Players can spend days leveling these thralls & a mechanic has been put into the game to destroy them with no recourse from the player. I had to kill this moonbeast as admin before it destroyed the group’s ithralls. Funcom like always F’d up another update. You should f’ing expect this by now. At least they FINALLY got the twitch drops working again. Did they announce that? Only took 6 months. Decay timers are still broken though. Seems that issue has traveled to most private Xbox servers now.


It happened to me too.

First I kill all those golems and spiders and that “boss” guy. Then … nothing happens for 5 fu**in minutes.
Then I open YT to see how to unlock this dungeon and what happens ? I get killed. My Thrall get killed.

Luckily my horse is safe and I didn’t lose MY stuff in there.
I lost my thrall and its gears tho.

Seriously, who is the dumba** who thought this “mechanic” was going to be a good idea ?

Honestly, I don’t care for my thrall and its gear: thrall wasn’t that good and gear I can craft again, but it’s annoying to lose a dungeon due to some bugged “time” mechanic.

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You must be an RPer then, days to level a thrall is steep when all it takes is 1-3 hours depending on location you’re training, right now you can level them up really quick by fighting constructs. Seems they have made this dungeon perfect with the timing of the mechanic as it’s meant for people that have the output / gear not just be able to waltz in fresh 60 with steel weapons expecting it to be handed to them. I’m sorry but you sir are angry over the ONLY punishing thing in this game, the rest is easy. I welcome the challenge.

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It’s broken. second stage doesn’t spawn & traps you inside. Then what? And not everyone lives conan every minute. it can take someone days to level up a thrall with little play time each day, don’t be that guy. The dungeon is broken & killing thralls/stealing gear. I’m not an RPer. I’m an admin. Maybe you missed that part.

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Have you destroyed corruption stones?
If you haven’t, you’d be stuck

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I’m thinking the foggy area with the zombies might be confusing people. Its a rehash mechanism from the Grave Matters event, you need to run through the fog and attack 3 corrupted pillars (roughly in a triangle formation) to end the fog and remove the corpse barriers. This will send out the dragon and a sorcerer for the 3rd phase. Kill the sorcerer and the dragon drops.

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It is not the zombie phase guys. The dungeon is buggy

The mini boss that should attack alongside the golems never comes down to fight and by not being able to killing him the scripted trigger to proceed to the zombie/pillar phase never happens and you get stuck until the timed wipe.

There is a way to not loose your stuff when this happen that is to remove your bracelet before the time is up, once you notice the bug has happened.

However, people are being punished not because they made something wrong during the fight but for a bug in the scripted triggers of the fight that never happen. Probably is a “path problem” of the second mini-boss (one of the golems), because he enters a fighting stance but never comes down past the purple barrier.

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TBH I don’t care much about the Thrall I lost, but since it’s well known that this game is buggy … damn, devs, don’t make things scripted that hard !

I don’t want to talk about testing: it is possible that this bug didn’t happened there.

But really, we all know this game is buggy. Why make scripted things that, sure as hell, will fail and punish people for nothing ?

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you are assuming those stones even get to spawn in. It breaks after golem phase.

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Same here, official serv, 1975

It isn’t even that. Me and my partner cleared the phases fairly quickly. But. Because the second boss refused to come down after the spider phase it took it like 15 minutes. And even then it just teleported on top of us. It pushed back the entire encounter and forced this dragon + a moon deamon thing to instantly appear and it killed the horses, and 4 thralls instantly and nuked me and my clan mate back to base. (Least with our gear on us) But the thralls were completely lost.

Losing stuff to a broken encounter makes me really annoyed.

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I challenge you to complete it in the current broken state.

The anger at losing thralls/items to a bugged dungeon is valid.

Same thing happened to me. Killed golems, second boss glitched and would never spawn. There was no miniboss with them.


Well…even if this is affecting even the smallest part of the community, I won’t be attempting. I am sure the rewards are amazing but if I lose things because I suck…then fine. But if I lose things because of a glitch then I won’t try.

You can safely “try” the dungeon. probably it will bug after the golems if this is you second or over run. If it does gliches and the trigger fails, just remove your bracelet and you will be spawned back to you bed with all you equipment and thrall. Just don’t linger inside the instance with the timer ticking.

Anyway, this sucks


the boss kills you instantly, “maybe that final boss will be defeated only with magic”

Hello everyone!

We are currently investigating this issue, but we need some help from you.

Could anyone that has been affected by this send us a video of getting into the dungeon and showing this behavior?

Thank you so much, everyone :smile: