Killing Heimdall Boss


You guys are going to get really tired of me, for sure. Sorry about that.

First time killing Heimdall and I’ve read about him on the old forum, so I’m kitting and clicking on the horns when I see text. Doesn’t seem to be enough. There’s a lot of lag, so that prevents an instant reaction sometimes, but I can’t use that as an excuse. The sad thing is I’m doing him on my Guardian, so I know it can be done. Any suggestions?


Lag Fixes: Turn your settings down to low or to Pvp/Raid (I find Pvp/Raid works best with the lag around the World Boss, but low might be better with your system. Try both). Turn off shadows, gore settings, etc… etc… As much as you can. Turn off as much of the World Particles as you can, again with WB I just use the ‘myself’ setting.

Everything I’ve heard say to use the horn and let the NPC’s fight him while you stand off and arrow him, only going in at the end.

Don’t worry about asking questions, it’s how you learn.


I am going to echo @Nebless: Don’t fight, just let the Shieldmaiden do all the damage. Just run up and down when she has agro and hot the horns,


Fabulous, thanks so much


You’re the bomb, luv ya