The Red Momma! (and her new item...)

I have murdered her now a couple of times with my absolute beast of a thrall Kethis Fleshtearer. And I would suggest when harvesting her corpse the dragon horns we get should be more consistent. I have gotten nothing more than once and last time I received 55! I would say she should be the same as her babies in dropping one or maybe a guaranteed 2 because of her size?

And now for something completely different…

I found the item :fire: Final Breath of the Red Mother! :fire:
Man I think this is fantastic! I don’t want to spoil it for my fellow testers but I will upload screenshots if you guys want.
For me this is really cool and I want to say WELL DONE to funcom for adding it. Its helping me allot considering I usually don’t have a normal one when I need it…


Please do.

Maybe SPOILER - but i am guessing:

I assume it is a torch - probably burning longer than only 20 mins?

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Ha! There you go, I figured out how to do the spoiler blur thingy :rofl:

Its amazing what you can do if you just open your eyes and look…:man_facepalming:

Now the question is: DOES IT BURN UNDER WATER?

Well, the answer…will follow as soon as I get home from work :joy:

Second question: Can it ignite enemies?

Hello again my friend.

Nope, sadly not. I whacked the first npc I saw and nothing happens.

:disappointed_relieved: -> hmm maybe a suggestion for a new debuff “burning”


Nice one @Necro, there are new weapons from the maproom aswell right? I wanted to know more about the Whirlwind Blades, there is no info about them anywhere yet.

If that ever comes to be a thing, fire arrows should come back ^^

I have yet to acquire these beauties. I have the axes Havoc and Malice though. They are quite something IMO. The animation looks a little out of place and the model used I would like changed to something a bit more sleek and deadly (Unnamed Venom Axe model comes to mind)…currently they use the Ymir altar axe model. But the damage coupled with the speed is very nice. And the new dagger ability of not getting staggered when doing heavy attacks makes them a force to be reckoned with!
I am no pvp player but I like them allot. Its a cool idea.

Oh yes, that’s nice to have, sure ! :wink:

Another trip to the city, one more, hope i’m lucky to.

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Yeah, I wish they had their unique animations aswell, and that skin is not really good looking indeed, hope they change it.

Daggers having hyperarmor will help against spear, lets see how it goes, Im still hoping they tweak more the other weapons.

Sooooo does it burn underwater? :slight_smile:

Sorry for the late reply…I watched episode 3 GOT(finally!)… and got a bit “distracted” :metal::smiling_imp:

Anyway, the answer is NO.
It is just a regular torch with a nice white flame that lasts a very long time. Still, I think it is quite awesome.

Thank you!! :slight_smile: And damn it :stuck_out_tongue: still need a glowstick aswell then :wink:

Or we could settle for a belt fastened glowing heart of the red mother or spine of the White walker General or whatever. I would just really really like to see what I am whacking with my two handed instrument of death…


U are making console player’s envious at least me. This is like prerelease and I am watching YouTube beta


Don’t you worry Sestus2009.

We are testing and hopefully this will give you a smoother ride when released to official servers on all platforms.

So my advice is stack up on breathing potions, sharpen your axe and spear and ready yourself for ferocious battle!!! :metal::smiling_imp:

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@Necro Awesome just sent underwater picture to my community page for server to get them excited.