Final Breath of The Red Mother and Maelstrom Light unrepairable?

That was just confirmed in a livestream. And while it is day one of the public beta, I will voice my opinion that these two insanely rare torches should be repairable and hope some of the community agrees. Neither item was broke, so why try to fix them?


Did you play the public beta?

No. This was confirmed on a PC player’s livestream.

The point here is how do you know that this will be a problem if you are not playing the beta yourself? There has been changes to where you might not even use the torches as much as before, if at all. But you need to actually try these changes out to see how it will be.

You can’t go soley by the word of a streamer or youtuber here.

What. I . Saw. In. The. Livestream. And I’m done with your shenanigans.


Its a problem because this are super rare items. People grind weeks for that stuff and if they finally manage to get their hands on them they want those items to last.


What you saw is irrelevant. I’m playing the game now and able to use two-handed weapons in darkness without issue. Your streamer needs to fix their output.

Sorry but whomever you watched lied or misled you. Either through malfeasance or incompetence.

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Read and Seen small bits, I already hate Durability on several of weapons, One change that says it will no longer lower it when certain mods are used… fine. Seems like it’ll help.

Several of Unique-Named being unrepairable seem like a Major No No… Some of them are rare to some of player base who can’t farm every day… so they get punished?

Took forever to get some of them, Now I can’t repair it? Whats point of winning RNG Grind if your gonna lose it, and never win RNG Grind again?
I get it would help player use other weapons… at same time, People with more free time/players per clan will gain another advantage they didn’t need.

Or they enjoy Night being Night, and not Mid-day…

Other change which adds light to players, I hope has a Off in Options… I get some of you are old, and need all help you can get. I don’t need a little light… Half of fun isDanger of Dark is not seeing your own feet.


I’m running on whatever the default is. The only video option I changed was the preset to Cinematic.

Does the stream have a VoD?

Yes. It was Wak livestreaming on Youtube btw.


Uhmm… no?
It is even in the patch notes:

So no, that’s not a lie, legendaries can not be repaired. That’s an other story that the Final breath lasts so long, people wouldn’t even play this game anymore, like even 2 hours of playtime every day, and roughly half an hour using torches in the dark, that’s like 700-750 days.

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I wasn’t talking about the repairs, but any sort of need for a torch:

Okay, but the OP is talking about repairing.

Side note: I find the character self-illumination extremely BS, just to use 2 handed weapons. There are other options: 2 headdresses at least, a dream dust, a potion. Absolutely not needed feature.


The last I checked torches weren’t weapons.

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Yeah and what I am talking about ties into repairs. If you don’t need to use the torch as often, you don’t need to repair as often, which means you have a better chance of having a replacement when you need it. It averages out.

You can hit something with them if you use the kick/block key. They don’t do much but they do inflict some damage.

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Yes but still classified more as a tool then a weapon. Which tools do damage too.

Ive never used named weapons in the first place, except on thralls where they wouldn’t degrade. So nothing changes in this aspect, I simply dont use any legendaries or somesuch shit.

I cant be arsed to constantly repair weapons. I really don’t see how grindy stuff like this makes the game more fun.

I also didn’t notice much any changes in illumination during the night. Its still too dark to see without a torch.


Considering that legendary weapons will have much better stats than craftable ones in the future, it may be wise to prepare to change your opinion on them. Of course, they’ll still remain powerful weaspons in the hands of your followers, so you may not need to use them yourself. Assuming that weapons don’t lose durability when used by thralls (which I hope will remain the case).

I wonder whether the Nemedian still affects legendaries, probably not.

Siptah is probably less vulnerable to these changes because there are plentiful strong weapons dropped by monsters. I like to use Lloigor fang weapons because when one breaks, I can just grab a new one. I’ve so many of those stored in my base that I’m now dropping the ones I get as loot. Of course, those may be nerfed into uselessness in favor of more legendary legendaries.


The new meta among the list of Siptah weapons. That is a whole new can of worms.

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