Making Legendary weapons unrepairable (possible alternatives to this change)

The changes to Legendary Weapons perma breaking seems to be receiving a mixed reception some people seem in favour of it, while others seem heavily opposed to it. I find myself in a weird I guess middle ground where I kind of see the argument from both sides about these changes. Legendary weapons being repaired by kits does seem like its way too easy, but them being completely unrepairable seems a bit extreme. So I thought of some ideas and also would like to hear other peoples ideas of solutions to this problem.

The idea I had was a special forge in a new dungeon that can repair these items added to both maps that is full of deadly traps and heavily guarded by strong enemies (1, 2 and 3 skull enemies) that also drop resources required for these repairs and have them decay after a short period of time and also have them unable to be taken out of the dungeon so people can’t farm or stock up of these resources. Additionally to give extra reasons to go this new “dungeon” It could teach a knowledge for an Improved Tinkerers bench that allows the removal of upgrades from weapons and armour and perhaps some new unique kits that have a range of effects such as a kit that allows your 1 handed weapon to be used as a conduit for casting sorceries but it removes unique weapon attacks like the kick and decreases durability by 25%-50% or a kit that allows your weapons to capture soul fragments but as a cost each kill adds corruption to your character and allow the fragments to be deposited into in a sacrifical Stone via a spell to create Soul Essence.


I don’t like this idea at all, the dungeon would never be available on PvE servers and would be constantly camped on PvP servers. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for another dungeon but definitely not one that is required to repair legendary weapons.

A better alternative would be the middle ground of making them repairable but only at a heavy cost to durability. If repairing a legendary weapon took 33% of it’s durability away with each repair, then it would need to be farmed less but still coveted, as it could only be repaired twice before breaking.

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Thanks for the feedback and the welcome to the forum. I guess there would be some problems more so with PVP, I haven’t yet played PVP. I’ve only PVE and PVE-C and generally I’ve never had a problem with dungeons and going for dungeon specfic resources like armour scrap, scales of dagon, Khari steel etc.

Even if we scrap the dungeon part, and just placed several forges across the map with enemies that drop the resources required would be a better suggestion than what Funcom appears to offering (I say this as the update isn’t live yet and obviously is subject to change).

As for your suggestion I’m not against it entirely, although I’m not entirely a fan of it either considering eventually these items will break and some of them take days upon days to farm (I’ve only ever found one Blade of The Adventurer in my 1000 hrs+ playtime) and if you’re someone like me who often plays solo in all aspects including running through entire dungeons solo, this will punish me far more than other players in big clans as for PVP they probably should be treated as a seperate case considering the effect having these kind of weapons has on specifically Player Vs Player combat is likely more severe than what it does in a PVE setting. Perhaps having servers able to specifically opt in and out of this particular change via admin/server settings would suffice as a solution idk what else I could suggest but choice is usually good in most circumstances.

Have a wonderful day and once again thank you for your feedback. :grinning:

Not being able to repair legendary items is crap.
As if it wasn’t enough work to farm them and find a blacksmith who can make the repair kits.

At least have a certain area or areas that you can repair them.

After 2,000 plus hours in the game and hundreds in renting servers I am so disappointed.

Actually considering not playing it for at least a few major updates.

I hope they ind a solution.


I think a normal version is too slow, use the mod at Tech Loky to get everything done as quickly as possible

Don’t like that we can’t repair it, so I’m using a mod that allows it.

That said, they shouldn’t be able to be repaired by normal means, but it should be a grind to get the necessary ingredients to do it.
Perhaps add new reagents to the game, that are rare drops from certain already existing nodes (or from enemies/chests), that you then have to combine with other rares, to craft an item that can repair them.

I think that with a decently low droprate, it could be fair, and would incentivize players to play the game more.

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