Legendary Weapons - Meh


With the exception of a very few, most legendary weapons are pretty useless and underperform when compared to Dragonbone and Ancient Lemurian, which do not require legendary repair kits and can be repaired when broken.

So, I don’t even give them to my thralls, any longer, they just sit in chests, collecting dust, until I hand them out to new players on the server.

Anyone having a similar experience?


Delete this thread before more good weapons get nerfed! :rofl:


You can’t put them in the dismantler anymore? I was getting some mats out of that at least.

What kills me about legendary weapons in this game is that they have maybe a couple designs for each and they all repeat themselves…they look so BLAND.

Then you get devastator …looks badass…but it sucks

I would rather completely remove them or turn them into weapon skins to craft than to make them desirable objects to farm.
If they were actually unique, meaning that there is only 1 of each of them in the whole server, maybe they should be a bit stronger than regular craftable weapons, but due the fact that some people would make it impossible for others to get them they would have to be temporary, no repair kits, no way to fix them, and even a timer for ownability. (is that a word?)


Making legendary weapons actually one per server would have the added effect of increased risk in PVP situations. You would have the choice of actually using the weapon (and potentially losing it to an enemy) or keeping is “safe” in a stash in your base for enemies to raid.

Legendary = one of a kind… that idea has merit.

One problem: what happens when all the legendary weapon chests have been looted on a server? Will we have clans “hording” legendary weapons just to keep them “safe” from other clans?

i can think in a number of ways to counter the “legendary hoarding”

  1. Temporal item: The legendary weapon has a timer, the owner can use the item as long as the timer is still counting, once it reaches 0, it becomes available as a drop again for other players.
  2. Impossible to repair: Same as before, once it hits 0 durability, it becomes available as a drop for other players. This could work on par with the first point, to stop players from storing almost broken items to maintain them away from the other players.
  3. Impossible to store: If they have to carry them always in their inventories it’s less likely to be kept away from the rest of the players, again, this works better with the first point, as bodyvault exists.
  4. The player becomes visible: If the player has a legendary item, it becomes easy to spot, players may notice the existence of the legendary item and draw attention towards them and their bases
  5. Legendary item limit: This idea comes from D&D 5e, where you have to attune to the magic item to use it and its limited to 3 attunements, if the player has a limit on how many items it can have they can’t hoard them all, it could be 1 or 2 items, and again, if the items can’t be stored, are temporary or could be lost at any moment they become available for other players sooner or later.

Would you make a topic in Suggestions about it? Maybe we do not get a skin for existing weapons, but maybe we can persuade them into adding Skins to DLC’s instead of weapons/armors that will get nerf and have the DLC invalided by the nerfs.

There is no need for additional weapons(with OP stats, we all seen what happends to those kind of weapons) because the difficulty of this game does not increase at end game(blame thralls, i have tried playing without thralls…). Mods have this increased difficulty for end game, EEWA for example.

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Yea this is a huge problam Conan has.

i was hoping they would make all legendary item UNIQUE. which you as a player would be able to find a weapon that fits your style of game play. but this is the lack of.
I thought they started to understand when they let us start crafting these new legendary items in IoS. but even they lack effects. and everyone just uses the BEST one.

i dont know how many times they ignore good ideas. their money comes from RPers so. they might as well just aim toward them now.

On my Next restart on another Server i will retry this on Siptah. It seems Siptah’s endgame is more solo(no pet/thrall) friendly then Exiled Lands. Have done everything apart 1000 Surge( also did Center surge without) thralls/pets, it takes a bit longer, i go through potions/Drinks more often but it feels more rewarding once the fight ends. Using 1h mace/Axe and daggers for bleed/poison.

Yep and love it. It provides an equalizing factor in PVP. Year long alphas that have farmed the heck out of everything can sweat that some dude 1 week in has the ability to go thrall toe-2-toe because there isn’t significant differences between weapons. (SoC is the obvious exclusion here…hate that nuke of a weapon)

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