Whats wrong with the legandary weapons?


Legandary Weapons makes a liitle bit of damage

Nerfed for PvP as usual

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And now a snarky reply post. But it is correct it was nerfed for pvp.

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Yes PvP just make no sense to nerf weapons in PvE

PvP is a superset of PvE. That’s why weapons are also nerfed in PvE.

Legendaries need a review. But to be honest I actually think that they are pretty static across the board.

My theory has always been that they are extremely easy to farm. More importantly they are lore pieces. Some being better than others.

Instead what I would like go see is the Lemurian, ancient Lemurian bumped up and given some sort of buff.

As it stands we have beautiful weapon skins from DLCs but no one really uses them because they fall short on damage.

But there should be an incentive. I mean why spend the resources on creating these assets if no one crafts them.

Obviously boss dungeons should have cool gear. But Legendaries serve their place.

What FC needs to do is the boost craftable weapons. Perhaps offering a slightly higher tier. Maybe part of the crafting material could be a shard of power. It would increase the status to more on par with legendary so people would use those assets in game.

I love the look of the Turan weapons for example.

I tend to buy dlcs with placeables as opposed to weapon skins. Because they will never see the light of day outside earlier levels.

I think some of the legacy legendaries need to be a looked at as to give them use. Or at least a purpose.

I am a fan of gimmiks even. So adding a simple property to Els Drinker for example which caused a healing tick. Or even making it bandage the player on hit would make it feel legendary without being over powered.

I mean. It woudnt heal you. But it would stop you from bleeding. Not OP. But useful.

I’m confused as all hell by this post (from Hexing… sorry, not the OP). The craftable weapons actually do compete with the legendaries in all categories, save for bonuses. I primarily use a Flawless, Epic Bloodletter Axe; with an advanced damage kit on it, it has 57 damage. Same damage as the three highest damage legendary Axes. Only benefit to those legendary are 1 glows, one has random chance to crit and one offers +5 accuracy, which for the life of me I cannot figure how that helps if you have the Axe out to use it, (maybe for throwing axes/daggers from off hand?)

doesn’t one add STR +5. I have found the +5 ACC axe to be helpful in my archer build, as it can be swapped with the +5 ACC bow to maintain a cheaper 4th perk acc (armor pen bonus for all weapons i believe) if you get in hand to hand.

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Yes, the axe of the lion gives +5 strength. I do agree somewhat that certainlegendaries need to be revisited. A general balance pass would be nice, but id be more interested if they added unique affects to every legendary weapon. As they stand there are many that are hardly special at all and only have appeal as collector items or for lore purposes. So ultimately the majority of the time you open a legendary chest, you feel like you got ripped off.

40 accuracy perk.

Every PvP build now includes 40 accuracy.

Maybe something that would drive different armors and weapons, is tie off the ones without perks to certain armors. If you wear the complete set plus the weapon, you get 100 health, 100 stamina, or 100 armor, etc. Variance will be rewarded that way.
Like if you have hearts blood and are wearing the entire Zamorian Thief armor set, you get a cripple added to every strike in your heavy combo. Just spit-balling.

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Im not at all sure how you can be confused. The dlc options do not have any stat bonuses that make them comparable to a legendary, nor do they have a gimmick. Light like glimmer moon. Armor pen on am axe like the reavers. Certain other qualities.

They may be similar in elements. They May compare with lesser legendaries. But not the ones people actively attempt to obtain.

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Last i checked the flawless versions were on par with star metal flawless versions. So even if they are comparable to low end legendaries, there is a non paid version in the game (Star Metal) that removes the distinct advantage.


Exactly my point. Heck even the impaler which is minor legendary features higher pen.

Same with most of the bows.

But they are on par with Star Metal.

There is no reason to use a DLC axe over the Axe of the Lion. There just isn’t. Other than fashion. Or…not losing the axe of the lion during PVP.


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